5 Best Cinemabox Alternatives

In today’s world, everything is available online. You no longer need to wait to watch your favourite movies and shows on the TV, the internet has made it easy for you. If you are aware of Cinemabox or Showbox app then you might be a movie enthusiast.

We all know that these apps stream high-quality movies and TV shows that you can watch, save and binge watch. These apps can be used on pc, as well as on phone and tablets also.


The showbox app is thought to be an amazing app but certain flaws in it has made us to look for other alternatives. If you want these alternatives other than the showbox itself then this page is for you, go and read the below alternatives.


One of the alternatives to the Showbox app is the Crackle app. This app comes in the market of entertainment with a million subscribers, it has become popular day by day and is now a super app. This app isn’t available for iOS and Windows but surely if it would have been available then it would jump to a powerful number of subscribers list.

The crackle app streams movies and TV shows without interruption and it also brings to you the latest collection every month. The important feature of this app is the option of save and watch later which is a useful feature.


Kodi is another alternative app in the list. Kodi also streams movies and TV shows but it is a different one as it is a media player that consists of various add-ons which helps you to watch for free. Another important feature of this app is that it can also stream its content on ios, tablets and android as well.

The Kodi add-ons are listed below:

  • Exodus Redux
  • Seren
  • The magic dragon
  • Yify movies
  • 13 clowns

These will bring to you your favourite content for free.


Stremio is a gona be your favourite in the list. It streams the shows from different movie sites and app combined together in this single app. It might bring the content from Netflix or from amazon etc. Using this app is not a difficult task but it has its best form working on the ipad devices.

The size of the app is small which also lets you to have no memory issues. Apart from its beneficial features it lacks behind in the login option which of great concern.


This should also be one of the best alternatives as it has an important feature of updating its content at regular intervals without any issues. You can watch your favourite shows, binge watch them but at data cost. This app brings you a vast range of movies and shows collection.

You just need to click and enjoy watching your favourites. Its data costing streaming makes it lag behind otherwise it is a vry good application to use.


If you are searching for a better option than cinebox or showbox then terrarium TV is a very good alternative to choose. This application is only available on android. This app provides you your favourite content through internet you just need to follow certain steps and download it.

It brings you the finest and the highest quality, you don’t need to have any quality issues as it brings the best of quality. This app is free and a very reliable and easy to use application. Terrarium TV will stream you a wide range of shows and movies but it lacks in its availability as it is available only for androids.

The above are the 5 best alternatives you can choose from. These will satisfy your movie cravings and would meet your demands. Do try these.


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