5 Best Alternatives To Record Music Videos

It has become a trend nowadays to post new videos on social sites like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. You can create your own music video on the short video recording apps in which your video timing can be 15 seconds 30 seconds depending upon the type of video you are making.

There are a no. of ways of recording such videos. Some of these are mentioned below:


Tik Tok is one of the most leading short video recording apps in recent times and it is emerging with high platform among the youth. This app has gained much success in a small span of time. There are many resemblances as compared with the musically app.

This app has used technological intelligence very accurately by clicking and capturing videos which have gained lots of popularity among the youth. It seems like an atmosphere of the studio while recording videos in this app. It has a very co-ordinated rhythm of music along with a number of editing and modifying applications.

Also, it can be used as a source of entertainment. People can watch videos uploaded on Tik Tok.


The very first option that strikes us for recording a short music video is dubsmash. But the introduction of Tik Tok has slightly lowered the rate of its usage. The dubsmash app is reigning the music video apps for years and it has almost everything that is required in a music video.

It has numerous short video clips, these can be used to see, lip-sync and record your own music dubsmash video. There are no limitations in general and it is a very easy going app to use. The most important features of this app that make it lead in the music video recording app are that it helps you to create ad record your own lip sync video.

And the dialogues can be from the movies, the daily soaps we like to see every day as well as from the kid’s section also. It is really a fun app you should try using once if you love acting. Also, these videos recorded on dub smash are presented as snap chat stories.


This app is also created for viewer entertainment and the creators out there. This app was a risk to Instagram as this app has a huge mass of creators and it uses our Instagram name. It is an editing app and Flipagram has large number of followers.

The name Flipagram has a double functional meaning based on its action and importance that is the word flip indicates the apps ability to collaborate the clips, images and also texts in a short video. This app is also benefited with the feature of editing and merging photos into videos or slideshow.


Now Funimate is also another app in the race of music video recording apps. It is considered the best alternative for recording one music video if you love to do so. This app has been featured with the latest collection of music which helps you to have one new and fresh video of your own.

As the above-mentioned alternatives of recording video this app also has the feature of lip-syncing, recording videos, editing and capturing. The most exciting feature of this app that will interest you is the slow-motion option that is cool and interesting.


Cheez is also a very useful app. This app has a broader concept of recording a music video. It benefits you by recording short videos, lip-syncing and to dance off on popular songs. This app also has the daily challenge feature which has an entertaining appeal for the creators and the viewers. Also, cheez lets you edit your video content.

The above was 5 most top-rated musically apps you might find amazing, go and try them out and post some amazing stuff on your social pages.


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