8 Best Snipping Tools for Mac

Snipping is a powerful tool and built-in utility in Windows which features various screen capture modes and mark-up tools. Various app stores provide many different applications that perform many different functions. Snipping tools play an important part in various activities such as making tutorial videos for students, sharing the screen with friends.

Snipping tools are even helpful in keeping records of important documents that cannot be downloaded. In Mac, we have many built-in tools and applications that have the same functions and do even more for free.

Best Snipping Tools

How to use Built-in Snipping tool for Mac

Before we get into the details of the best alternatives of snipping tools for Mac, we will be learning about the default utility in Mac itself. A couple of key-board shortcuts are always present which brings out the device’s screen capture tool. The user just needs to enable their print screen key shortcuts under SYSTEM>PREFERENCES>KEYBOARD> SHORTCUTS>SCREENSHOTS.

  1. To capture the whole screen, hit Command+Shift+3
  2. To capture a part of a screen, hit Command +Shift+4
  3. To capture an active window , hit Command+Shift+4+Spacebar

The screenshots are automatically saved in the PNG format and the preview app can be used to view the images and basic mark-ups.

Best Alternative Snipping Tools for Mac

If for any reason the user wants to extend the functionality of their built-in screenshot tool, then they will need to try a third party app. All these alternatives provide much more features to the user which makes them better than the built-in tools in Mac.

1. Lightshot

Lightshot’s interface appears to be plain and simple and works in a straight forward manner.this is probably the best option for the user if they are looking for a no-frills snipping tool. Lightshot includes pen, line, arrow, rectangle, marker and text as its editing options. It also supports one-click uploading, image searching and social sharing. Lightshot even enables the customer to customize its output, including the file format of the screenshot and inclusion of the cursor in slot.

2. Snagit

Snagit is a capture tool developed by TechSmith Corporation, one of the industries leading software companies. It is a full-featured screen capture tool. Snagit provides the best and advanced functionalities which one would only find in the best snipping tool for Mac. Snagit offers a shortened URL in case the user intends to share their screenshots and screen recording over their social media accounts.

Snagit also offers a feature which allows the user to video-record your screen. Snagit is the perfect choice for people in the business of creating video tutorials, training materials and documentation.

3. Skitch

Whether the user wants to use a snipping tool at home, at work, or at an event, skitch is the best choice and is virtually attractive. It is one of the best fancy tools that one could add to their arsenal. The ability of the app to take a screenshot, make annotations, and save it on Evernote makes it best. Skitch screenshots can be easily added to the user’s desktop. Its drag and drop feature also enables easy sharing and transfer of files.

4. Jing

Jing is just another tool from TechSmith for Mac. Jing offers features such as editing, adding lines, arrows and texts. Jing allows the user save its screenshot on their Mac or upload it on Unlike other snipping tools, Jing allows you to record your screen for 5 minutes or less.

5. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is another unique snipping tool which available as both, a desktop app and as a browser. It does not just enable its users to capture their screen but also enables them to save screenshots on their laptop and share it with their friends. ScreenCloud also supports the print screen key on the user’s keyboard.

ScreenCloud is a  basic app in comparison to other snipping tools but if you’ re working with a team and consistently using safari, chrome and firefox thus Screencloud is a great option.

6. Apowersoft

This is a full fledged snipping tool, fairly simple to use. Apowersoft allows custom editing options, enabling the users to add notations. Distinct feature about Apowersoft  is its screen magnifier to improve readability. It also enables the user to take multiple screenshot outputs.

7. Snip

Snip is a free snipping tool for Mac with all basic functionalities of your screenshot needs. It’s main features include taking screenshot of active windows or custom areas. One thing that makes snip different from other snipping tools is its ability to draw and handwrite anything using the available brushes.

8. Tipard Screen Capture

Just like other snipping tools Tipard Screen Capture is a full fledged tool for Mac with successful screenshot and screen-cast tool as well. If the user is recording tutorials and instructions, this app guarantees a fluid flow and smooth movements on your screen. It also supports recording  of audio files from the users Mac.

These are the best snipping tools for Mac which not only help work but also make built-in features of Mac useful and more powered.


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