Top 10 Apps like OfferUp to Buy and Sell your stuff

Unnecessary feelings and furniture rotten the beauty of the space. How many times we have faced the issue of planning to sell something and replace with a brand new one but how many times are we actually succeeded in doing that? Because there is no doubt that humans have become too much occupied with their own life and busy schedule. So it is so hard to follow the traditional methods of finding good buyers and sellers for your precious investments. And hence we need something fast and quickly convenient at the same place so here are some extremely cool applications you could try on to buy and sell your stuff.

Sell Stuff Online

Apps to Buy and Sell your stuff


It is one of the best apps to buy and sell appliances from vintage clothes to used cars. It is the perfect online place to act as a market and that too locally. It is the biggest and fastest growing app to buy and sell with over more than 75 million downloads and much more listing with this app you can search for sale happening nearby or if you want something in specific. It has also started to invest in real estate properties.


It is one of the best apps to showcase some best tips and information to sell and buy stuff and it is an absolutely free site to use, as we say that advice and tips never come for a penny. It is a fastest, safest and better option to use rather than going traditionally by classified advertisements you will get useful ideas of how one should create selling strategies to sell stuff more quickly in less than thirty seconds, a miracle indeed. Although, all these offers are not related to any official responsibility of the app and directly connected to an offer anyway.


5miles is the most top rated to buy and sell stuff and locally which made shopping easy, safe and fun and the app is just not about buying or selling also about getting in good terms with your neighbourhood as its headline suggests. Actually, the name suggests that you can buy and sell within a radius of 5 miles.


An extremely simple and user-friendly app to use to discover the digital flea market and used stuff on sale. The app is mostly used to find something vintage and buy it conveniently also some incredibly beautiful items are listed on the app.


Just with the use of a picture and your GPS you can get amazing items to purchase or sell at your fingertips within seconds and for free. Also, it gives you the most Indian thing to use; the power to bargain and you can browse through hundreds of ads for both new and used items easily.


It is a community marketplace which will help you sell and purchase just not cars and furniture but also beauty products, accessories, art, books, antiques and almost everything you can think for. You can create your own beautiful listings to sell and purchase from this massive workplace and make money with well-appreciated deals and even can go international by handling foreign customers.


It is India’s first social e-commerce platform which provides best offers in daily usable items and gives a wide range of deals on various category of products like electronics, grocery, gift packs and even fruits. They have improved their facilities by enhancing the location tracking system to improve the delivery experience. It is also a newly emerged application with a release date on 30th November 2018.


Saving money at your fingertips is what the app offers firstly, you can scan with great ease the products you want to sell or buy at the marketplace and can get a hell lot of deals and especially on technology.


It is the biggest India’s local shopping app which is extremely fun and safe to use on a daily basis. You will only find registered users in this app as it doesn’t allow anonymous people to surf the application.


It provides good deals on the second-hand shopping products and that too in your own locality area. After choosing the product you can directly negotiate for the best deal with the buyer or the seller.


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