Best Ad Blocker for Android 2019

Add blockers are basically an extension to your web browser or an application that one may install in order to prevent your web page from flooding with numerous ads. Ad blockers are one of the best ways to ensure online privacy, to reduce clutter on websites and web pages, and avoid spyware infected ads.


Ad blockers are much more than preventive tools. Sometimes they appear with a blacklist of common advertising and by itself block the most popular ads such as google ads and those related to amazon products. Most ad blockers even go beyond this and even prevent pop-ups, disable social media tracking and sharing buttons.

These ad blockers even use algorithms to identify adds which otherwise come up on the web pages and also remove malicious scripts and also provides options to allow certain non-malicious ads.

Why do you need an Ad Blocker

1. Pages start to load faster:-

Content will no longer be included from multiple websites and web pages like large video files or pop-up ads and hence the web pages would load in lesser time.

2. Cleaner User Experience:-

A site that’s crowded with ads can be a bit annoying and impossible to navigate. Most often pop-ups cover necessary information and some other may seem to end right under your cursor. Ad blockers make browsing websites and web pages free from such things.

3. Prevents companies from tracking you:-

Many ads on websites and web pages represent tiny widgets “like” built into their content. The users don’t actually realize that these widgets are actually connected to facebook . Every single time the user interacts with the widget, facebook collects data about their web usage.

Features of Ad Blockers

1. Platform Compatibility :-

The best developed ad blockers are available for multiple browsers and enables the user to have a better experience whether at home or at work. Some ad blockers are intentionally built for a single browser but these have a much narrower audience and low popularity.

2. User Interface :-

Most ad blockers are easy to use. As soon as the user presses install, it starts to work. A clean and easy to understand interface is much more acceptable as well as such settings that don’t complicate a single task.

3. Functionality:-

Irrespective of what methods the extensions are using to block the ads it is way much necessary to know how important they are at blocking malicious, invasive ads.

Best Ad Blocker

Ghostery offers an ample amount of services to both advanced and average users. It is compatible with a wide variety of browsers, with no missing features and or misplaced buttons. Ghostery therefore acts as standard ad blocking and site tracker removal extension. The extension enables the user to blacklist/whitelist individual sites and select specific elements to allow or block. Page loading also reduces as the extensions work.

Features of Ghostery

1. Compatibilty:-

Ghostery is compatible for many platforms such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari and even available for Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera. Ghostery has also introduced special privqcy browser called quitz if in case the user doesn’t want to use an extension.

2. User Interface:-

One of the best features of ghostery is that it has a uniform interface across all browsers. Whether you work at school or at home you’ll find exactly everything in place. Furthermore it is clean and easy to understand.

3. Functionality:-

Ghostery is an exceptional extension when it comes to removing ads and hidden trackers. Loading pages also becomes easier even when the user is using any different sites.

Ghostery has also started to update their revenue making practices, since in earlier versions the user could opt to share their data about ads that they came across in web. Instead of those revenue making practices, Ghostery now offers a rewards tab which is indeed a form of affiliate marketing.


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