Best Anime Streaming Websites of 2019

Dragon ball, the most loved cartoon in the history of television entertainment which is still loved by every child of 90’s, its still worth the wait of evening 6 ‘O’ clock when we use to leave every important or playful work of ours just to get a glimpse of our favourite forty minutes show and still it will be the highest viewed cartoon on YouTube.

It was basically a popular anime. The history of anime could be traced back to the 20th century with earliest in 1917 which was also the year of the start of Japanese cartoon culture also some argue that it was basically originated in France and was taken by Japan afterwards.


The word anime is the Japanese terminology for ‘animation’ which includes all kinds of animated media and diverse art forms with distinctive production methods and techniques. The animation industry consists of more than 430 production companies with major big studios like Gainax, P.A. Works, Ghibi and others.

In the 1980’s it became the mainstream in Japan as it got a rise in its popularity with its famous shows and the creative segment present in them like Robotech and Macross. It all changes for the industry after the release of ‘Akira’ which turned out to be an international success.

After the famous characters industry has given to television, the people are in love with the type and pattern of the anime shows and series and there are various websites offering the best of the tv shows, series and movies and they are as follows:


It is the most prominent website on internet for anime. It gives you free content and also high-quality series and shows with no complains from the users. You can get mega series, cartoon, series and so on with different formats like 240p, 750p and 1080p.

Recently, the site was shut down due to some technical issues but later everything got sorted in time also the site is sorted in tabs & categories helping to navigate easily.

The cons of the page are it contains a lot of adult contents with ads all over and also the episodes aren’t complete although the site is virus free and safe with mobile friendly interface and high definition download quality.


This site also provides you with free streaming of movies, series and cartoons and also there is no need to register for an account to login to the site. This website is mostly recommended to otaku people – newcomers and expertise, containing a lot of old and classic anime with high quality frame it offers a lot of variety to the users with a chat option inbuild.

Interestingly, it holds a schedule box which will keep you updated about the upcoming anime and easy to handle features.

Like many other anime sites, it also offers its users to free access and enjoy sitting back with snacks and coffee you can watch and easily download movies and series without any interruption and also there is no need for a separate sign up to the site.

Its reliability concern is high and mostly loved by its viewers and the most pleasing thing about the site is that it contains every single episodes of all anime.

It is considered as one of the great or master site for anime. It is filled up like packages with almost every single anime existing in high quality and user-friendly different formats. Its layout is simple and eye pleasing with the most accurate subtitles found till date. The only difficulty you can face is that it doesn’t contains any option related to downloading.


It is a well-known video sites with almost every video rubbed and dubbed nicely in English language with no interruptions in the form of ads. 


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