Best Antivirus Apps for Android (2019)

Phones are just not a backup they are your entire pack up. A phone and its charger along with the most essential earphones nothing else has taken over the bags and purses of people nowadays. And everyone needs a phone to use just not because it has become a necessity it’s more of an addiction to the present generation. Even the older ones who find it extremely time occupying while operating WhatsApp and Facebook like apps.

So in the era of without-a -day-cell phone-its-terrible it is very important to keep your phones safe not only externally but also internally by keeping them updated and removing all kind of unnecessary junk your phone stores without your knowledge. This is where antivirus comes into function.

Clean Master

Antivirus is also known as anti-malware which is a computer program used to prevent, detect and remove the malware or unnecessary information or things from your phones. It was originally developed to be used only on hardware like computers and its viruses. However, with the proliferation of other kinds of devices, it started to shift its intensity to various other streams as well.

In modern times, the antivirus can protect the users from browser objects, hijackers, keyloggers, backdoors, spyware, adware and other threats to search for infected URL’s, spam, scams and other such attacks. As the viruses are very harmful in all terms, it is capable of physically destroying your phone and especially they target your private data and personal information. According to research, it is found that malware can take over your phone and will make it so hot or overheat it so that it no longer functions in a proper way.

There are many antiviruses you can use for your android device and there are millions of articles suggesting the best one and every one article proves some or the other as right or the best but what if they all never worked properly? And so, its important just not to go on the text but also practicality of the fact about how useful they act in real virtual world to safe guard your phone.

Clean Master

  • It is the app with a broom as the symbol. Clean master app cleans up all the viruses, junk files and RAM for your phone security and performance.
  • It is offered by Cheetah Mobile and was released in 2012 and it has more than a billion downloads and still increasing every day.
  • Although every good thing comes with a price, you can still install it from the Play Store and use it for free and see by yourself whether it functions well for your phone or not.
  • It is used to clean up all the viruses from your phone, free the memory storage which is a problem to every other individual in today’s time and also it will help you to speed up your android mobile phone.
  • It also acts as a powerful phone booster and maintains to work as an effective antivirus.
  • It has two features helping the cleaning process to be better every day and they are junk clean and notification clean.
  • Junk clean remove all the files and documents which are not good for the phone’s quality and span of life while on the other hand notification cleaner integrate all the notifications and you can keep and read the important while trashing the unnecessary ones. The one tap of the app will speed up your phone as it will free your RAM easily and after boosting the mobile you can easily run a speed test to ensure your job is done right.
  • It has many other optimization features added and few of them are:
  • It will detect the fake Wi-Fi and unauthorised authority,
  • It will save your battery and extend the battery life,
  • It can prevent your phone from overcharging as it will display your charging status and application message and keeps your phone under full security by using an AppLock pin or pattern according to your will.
  • It is the world’s leading space cleaner and antivirus app available on the Google Play and also is completely safe to use because according to the privacy policy of the company none of your personal information is collected.


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