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Best Password Managers for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

The internet has revolutionized the Information technology world. It has enabled users to gather and assimilate all forms of information quickly and seamlessness. In spite of its various benefits, the internet is highly prone to leaks and sharing of confidential information. The advent of online fraudsters has further compromised internet security. Needless to say, the importance of cyber-security cannot be ignored. An effective method to enable internet security is the use of password managers to protect passwords.


Best Password Managers 2019

Considering the number of operating systems available, there are dedicated password managers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and the mobile platforms of Android and iOS. Each of them will be examined in detail, starting with Windows.    

Password Manager for Windows

Being one of the most popular operating systems, Windows is also the most vulnerable. A few Windows password managers are detailed below.

  • Keeper

Keeper is considered as a secure, robust and user-friendly application for the PC. Apart from Windows, Keeper supports Mac, iPhone, iPod devices and iPad. It is designed using military-grade encryption known as 256-bit AES that helps to keep information safe from malicious attacks. Moreover, it comes with a secure digital vault which protects and manages the passwords along with two-factor authentication.

Keeper also has a self-destruct security feature that enables all records to be deleted from the device in the event of wrong entry of the master password more than five times. The Keeper Cloud vault feature stores a backup of the information on the device.

  • LastPass

LastPass is a cross-platform application that comes with both mobile and desktop application support for browsers and operating system. LastPass efficiently encrypts the personal data including passwords. The two-factor authentication option ensures that the vault is protected.

  • Dashlane

Dashlane has great features not only for windows but also for other platforms. This application encrypts information and user account passwords on the local machine and synchronizes them with the online service enabling users to access their accounts from any location. Dashlane has an internal automatic password changer feature that automatically alters the user account password.

Password Managers for Mac

The Mac OS is touted as a highly secure operating system. Nevertheless, it is susceptible to virus attacks.  A few leading software managers, described below, can be deployed for security.

  •  LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is considered to be the finest pass manager for the Mac OS X with its ability to synchronize passwords across various platforms ranging from Android, iOS to Windows devices.  It is perceived to be the best-in-class Enterprise and Premium Password management applications. In addition to a broad range of features, LogMeOnce also boasts of the Mugshot feature.

In the event of theft, the phone’s location can be easily traced as it secretly clicks photographs of the miscreants while being operated upon without permission. LogMeOnce encrypts passwords with the military-grade AES-256 technology along with the Two-factor authentication.

  • KeePass

KeePass is a cross-platform application that caters to Linux, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices. In addition to military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, KeePass also incorporates another secure algorithm known as Twofish 256-bit encryption. Being an open-source application, the code of KeePass can be closely examined by users to affirm its integrity.

  • Apple iCloud Keychain

Keychain is a cloud-based Mac OS X data management application. The highlight of this application is its ability to store and automatically synchronize the user’s login credentials, credit card numbers, and Wi-Fi passwords securely across all certified Apple devices. It is encrypted using the 256-bit AES and incorporates elliptic curve asymmetric cryptography including key wrapping.

Password Managers for Linux

Linux is considered to be one of the safest Operating systems. Although safe, the possibilities of attacks cannot be ruled out. In order to enable higher safety standards, the following applications are recommended as password management applications for Linux.

  • SpiderOak’s Encryptr

SpiderOak’s Encryptr is a cloud-based application that encrypts personal data by using the Crypton JavaScript framework. It is a cross-platform application manager that enables end-to-end encryption. Encryptr is suitable for Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

  • Enpass

This Linux Password Manager works across a variety of platforms and allows users to backup and restore stored passwords with third-party cloud services like Dropbox, OwnCloud, OneDrive and Google drive. Enpass uses the highly secure 256-bit AES with an open-source encryption engine identified as SQLCipher.

Enpass locks itself when the PC remains unattended for a while. It also clears the clipboard memory after every 30 seconds, thereby preventing any malicious access to passwords.

  • RoboForm

RoboForm has a smart form filler that helps users in filling up online forms. It offers some of the best extensions for browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer including mobile platforms.

Password Managers for Android

With the growing popularity of Android OS, it has become essential for users to ensure the security of their online accounts. Below are some of the best Android password managers available.

  • 1Password

1Password is an excellent Android password management application. It manages all the user’s passwords and creates strong, secure and unique passwords for each user account. The Fingerprint scanner support feature facilitates easy and secure unlocking of passwords.

  • mSecure

mSecure is designed to randomly generate secure login passwords for users and stores them using the 256-bit Blowfish encryption. This application can self-destruct its database after unsuccessful multiple login attempts.

mSecure has the ability to synchronize all the user devices with either a private Wi-Fi network or Dropbox, thus ensuring seamless data is transfer between the devices.

Password Manager for iPhone

  • OneSafe

OneSafe is a unique security system that not only allows users to store sensitive account passwords but also photographs, confidential documents and credit cards. With the support of auto-fill logins, users need not enter their login credentials every time. OneSafe includes features like

Double protection, Decoy safe, Intrusion detection, Auto-lock and Self-destruct.

  • SplashID Safe

SplashID is the oldest password management application for iOS. It facilitates users to store login data and confidential information securely as an encrypted record using the military-grade 256-bit encryption. SplashID Safe has the auto-fill option that enables the system to remember the credentials.

  • LoginBox Pro

LoginBox Pro is the fastest and safest way of signing into password-protected websites. It is designed with the hardware-accelerated AES encryption including passcode that helps encrypt data and saving them on the device.

To conclude, a strong password may not be sufficient to prevent identity theft. Nevertheless, password managers provide users with the option to protect their data to a large extent. Users are recommended to choose password management applications with Two-factor authentication for greater security.


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