Best Stremio Addons of 2018-19

The best place to get entertainment in a packaged box with all essentials packed up like movies, Tv shows and series with a free tag label is what you get with Stremio media player along with the mentioned above it consists of live sports, live IPTV, shows and different channels.

The most significant part of the player is its add-ons will never be taken down by any law enforcement as its add-ons are directly streamed from torrent websites which means it won’t let your addiction fade away it has all the ability to stream copyright material but although its completely legal it’s 3rd party add-ons blur everything.

Best Sremio Add-ons

Stremio is an actual media content player which can be downloaded from Appstore, google play store & windows and the most basic thing is you will get Prime, Netflix, iTunes and many others under one roof.

The only problem users face with the media player is that it is regionally locked which means that you won’t be able to play contents from different countries or places which will hyper your international favourite playlist.

But it has a solution as well and that is the installation of VPN or Virtual Private Network which will allow you to view the other parts of the world information. The best stremio add-ons in the year 2018-19 were many but the most used and liked are listed down as:


Over more than 148 million subscriptions including the free trials and the offices situated in the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, India and South Korea – Netflix is the biggest virtual entertainment people can’t get their eyes off nowadays it’s a member of Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

It was founded on 29th August 1997 in Los Gatos, California and it has served more than 190 countries worldwide. It is the most popular and essential part of the entertainment mass media business giving lots of profits to the manufactures.

Netflix is the official addon on Stremio and you can watch shows without the tension of buffering- acting-interruption and also ignores issues of low-quality content. You can stream comfortably from subscription-based service.


In the business of video hosting service since 2005, even the tender kind of species know the name and value of the source named YouTube. The parent being Google and Alexa ranked 2nd it is so aptly founded on 14th February and there is no one worldwide not loving this global platform of talent and constant mind-blowing content in the field of everything mind can pounder on.

It allows one to upload, watch, subscribe, report, like and comment on to the widely used and generated videos of great variety and the content is vast and endless with open to million of opportunity. It also comes under the official add-ons of Stremio.

It allows you to directly watch from the website instead of redirecting them like we have to do in the other sources previously, live streaming and commenting wasn’t possible but with the new update the users can over that portion too.


Owned by the well-known website to get all stuff sorted – Amazon. Twitch is a live streaming video platform introduced in June 2011. According to a fact, twitch is the leading live streaming video service for video games specializing in the US and also had its advantage over YouTube gaming and has over 15 million active users on a daily basis.

Currently the twitch homepage displays games based on the viewership and the most popular games are Fortnite, Battlegrounds, Dota 2 etc. It is the best platform for gaming enthusiast with features like watching live sports and channels also one can watch both the live and demanded content with no requirements to login. It holds a place of competitive gaming segment.


Vodo is an online media distributor founded by Jamie King, a film director. It is in distribution under Creative Commons licenses using BitTorrent protocol. It holds a small selection of indie movies.

This is a site not meant for blockbuster movies but for the movies which are made independently and are acclaimed by some or the other way so if you are a fan of out-of-the-box cinema this site could turn out to be a paradise.

The other addons of great significance are Juan Carlos 2 which allows us to add torrent links from unofficial sources and can safely install them with free using.

Popcorn Time – which allows to watch free movies and tv shows directly from torrent and offers various choices with best streaming quality.

And the last but not the least, Watch Hub – It provides us with Hulu, iTunes and the best of tv shows and movies from all languages and regions.


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