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Some computers enable a dual monitor set up in which two monitors are connected to the same computer. This is basically is an office setting where dual monitors allow and enable the user to have a split screen. This functionality is most useful where the user needs to have multiple windows displayed simultaneously.

The functionality of such two or more multiple monitors needs a video card with two or multiple ports for video out such as VGA, HDMI, DVI.

Monitor Wallpapers

However, even basic consumer level, to this day, would support multiple monitors. Most desktop wallpaper websites offer single screen images. This sounds wholesome when the user wants a different image on different screens but not in case the user wants a single theme on all the screens. Here is one of the best sites where the user would find a great deal of dual monitor wallpapers.

Wallpaper Fusion

Wallpaper Fusion’s browsing is crowded with awe inspiring and useful data. Hovering over an image would give its title to the user and just a glance below enables the user to know the file size, specifications and ratings of any image.

All such dual monitor backgrounds are regarded as professional with excellent quality and are mostly versatile enough to appeal pretty much to everyone at work.

These dual monitor wallpapers enable the user to make remarkable choices in terms of resolution and format. For any chosen wallpaper by the user, they provide different options for separate image downloads for left and right screens.

This dual monitor background site also enables its users to download a full screen that stretches across both the screen or the original image download. This site also extends a useful auto-detect feature which offers a download option based on the screen that the user is currently using.

The tag and search system in the site also helps and enable it’s users to easily find what they require. They have options to classify their choices in terms of popularity or category. The user can directly download images as per their wish or use the Display Fusion download tool to automatically download wallpapers at a correct resolution and aspect ratio according to the monitors.

Final Words

Most desktop wallpaper sites offer a single screen image. It’s good if the user intends to use a different image on each screen but still, it is awe inspiring and eye-catching when the user uses a coherent theme across two or more monitors.

WallpaperFusion serves as a huge repository of wallpapers just as the user desires to use it. It also extends features by which the user can search wallpapers according to their own requirements and criteria.


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