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Burn an ISO File to USB Drive on Windows/Mac OS

Burning the ISO to a USB drive is an essential step when you need to format your software, or when it is attacked and not working properly or if you want to change your admin account. If you are not aware of how this procedure of burning drives is carried out, the below para will be very useful for you. You can do this procedure either on your Windows PC or on your Mac device.

Before performing this burning you as users should be aware of how this burning process is done. But if you do not have even the slightest ideas of how it is done then you should read this article.

Burn ISO file to USB

The ISO files are saved as .iso file. These are the short files which are in compressed form, therefore, we call it an ISO image. Now if you want your Windows or your Mac to be bootable what you need to do is separate a certain zone in your device that makes these compressed ISO files executable. Now go ahead reading the rest of the article to know how you perform the rest of the procedure.

Method 1: Creating a bootable USB on MAC using disc utility

It would be better if you use an internal application to make the files bootable rather than installing a separate app for it. The disc utility app is the preinstalled app which would burn these ISO files into the bootable files. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Firstly you need to go the applications menu. Here click on utilities.

Step 2: In the utilities section find the utility disc.

Step 3: Now your task would be to search for the iso file that you need to convert and press ok.

Step 4: The next step would be to insert the USB drive or a CD that you wish according to the size of the iso image.

Step 5: The next step would be to click on burn. Now you need to wait for a certain while until it is burning.

Method 2: Burning using MAC OS using WizISO

The Mac OS device has a preinstalled app that burns the iso files but it would leave some errors that is why we do not prefer using it, rather we use a burning tool for it.

WizISO is one of the burning tools which is compatible with both windows and Mac devices. It would burn your files into USB bootable files. This burning tool consists of the burner, extractor, maker, editor, and copy disc. Follow the below steps to get your burning procedure done:

Step 1: Firstly you need to download the application on your device and then launch it.

Step 2: The application has 5 working functions. Click on the burn option.

Step 3: Also, choose the file that you need to burn.

Step 4: Now insert a CD or a USB, depending upon your choice.

Step 5: After you choose the CD or the USB, click on the burn option and wait until the burning continues.

The process of burning is an easy task you just need to know the procedure.


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