How to Change Fonts on Android without Root?

The phone is the most important and essential characteristic in a being’s life and we can do everything possible to make it look beautiful and appealing and font is what acts as the basic amenity in a cell phone as words matter a lot no matter if spoken or written.

And different styles of fonts makes your phone look cool as well as your matter attractive whereas root is basically a user which has permissions to do anything to any file anywhere in the system.


When you root android, you add a standard Linux function that was removed. In the phones from big smart companies like HTC, Samsung, Xiamio, LG etc they come with an inbuilt feature to change the font style by:

Settings > Display > Font style

Also, Android through its custom launcher applications can integrate the font changing functions. The launcher is a part of an Android user interface that let users customize home screens and they are absolutely safe to use but acts as heat up to phone’s ram.

And also sometimes even the best ones slow the speed of your mobile phone. Adding the popular launchers are better than using the default ones and they are as follows:

Go Launcher

It only affects the home screen and application menu. It is a popular third-party launcher and it is mostly downloaded and installed to customize your home screen with ice cream sandwich theme along with it there are in total nine amazing customizable home screens to rotate between your choices.

It gives different transition effects with a small download size also you can hide the apps which are not in use in all it’s a really functional launcher.

Apex Launcher

This is a launcher with ample of options and it has a unique way of opening applications with the use of gestures it contains a lot of useful widgets such as weather forecast, calculator and clock. The interface is quite liked by the viewers also the option of taking a screenshot, recent apps view, landscape mode refresh and optional drawer work effectively.

You’ll get a smooth ride through the device’s home screen. The cons of using the launcher are that is has shown a slower rate of performance than its competitors and also includes too many adds of its own

iFont Launcher

It is commonly known as the expert of fonts because there are more than hundred styles of fonts available for download within seconds. Also, it has a brilliant capability of customising its own font as you can specify your own font which is totally subjected to the device model.

It is the most powerful customisation app with licence free use and is available in more than twenty other languages. It comes with feature of easy operational with an automatic backup of fonts. You can easily get this launcher in google play store.


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