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How to Create Stickers in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile app in the present era which provides services like text and voice messaging, voice and video calls, sharing images, videos, location, documents etc using the internet. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Since some of other messaging apps like Wechat & Messenger have been providing stickers packs for their users, a large number of WhatsApp users were waiting for stickers packs.

But waiting is over now!! If your WhatsApp updates for the new version, you can find stickers packs along with emoji. Initially, only limited stickers come pre-installed. But, you have the option to download from built-in stickers store.


How to download and use stickers on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open any chat and tap on stickers. Pre-installed stickers will be there.

Step 2: To download more, click on Add (+). Now you can see stickers pop up. Click on ‘download’ option on right side of the stickers list, once downloaded a green right mark will appear.

Step 3: Tap on the sticker which you want to send. Once tapped, the sticker will send automatically.

Step 4: Further, you can get more stickers from sticker apps. For this, tap on add(+), then scroll down and tap on” Get more stickers”. Now you will be redirected to Google play app and you can download sticker apps.

How to create stickers

A very interesting fact is, WhatsApp users can create their own stickers pack! Android and iOS users can make their own WhatsApp stickers as their wish. Whatsapp provides “sample app”( for both Android and iOS users which lets the user drop created sticker pack and build an app.

But created stickers must meet some requirements set by WhatsApp. They are :

  1. Each sticker must be an image with a transparent background.
  2. Each sticker must be 512*512 pixel size.
  3. Each sticker must be less than 100kb. To reduce sticker size, the user can refer README file associated with “sample app” ( for Android & for iOS)
  4. Creator must add an 8-pixel #FFFFFF stroke to the outside of each sticker
  5. There must be a 16-pixel margin between the actual image and edge of 512*512 pixel canvas. Information about file format requirements are available on

Now, let’s see how to create WhatsApp stickers.

Creating WhatsApp stickers on Android

  • Using “Sticker maker for WhatsApp” app.

Step 1:  Download “ Sticker maker for WhatsApp”  app from the Google play store and install on your android device

Step 2:  After installation, open this app and tap on “ create a new sticker pack”.

Step 3:  Name the sticker pack and enter the author name for the pack, so that stickers created by you will be under your authorisation.

Step 4: Now tap on new list option, a page will open with empty stickers tray. Now add stickers pack icon.

Step 5:  To add a new sticker, tap on the empty tray. Now it will show options either to take a new photo or import from the gallery. You can choose any option.

Step 6:  Next, the selected photo will be uploaded on an image editor. Edit the image as per requirements and then tap on ‘save sticker’.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps and add more stickers to sticker pack. You can add a minimum 3 and maximum 30 stickers to a pack.

Step 8: Once your sticker pack is ready, tap on ‘ add to WhatsApp’. Now you can see your own sticker pack on WhatsApp!!

  • Using “Personal stickers for WhatsApp” app

This method requires two apps to create stickers. First,  the user needs to create an image with a transparent background using “Background eraser” app.  And then create sticker using “ Personal stickers for WhatsApp” app.

Creating an image with transparent background

WhatsApp stickers requirements mention strictly that sticker must be an image with a transparent background. Hence, let’s see how to make the background of an image transparent.

Step 1:  Download “ Background eraser” app from the Google play store and install.

Step 2: Now open the app and select any image which you want to convert into WhatsApp sticker.

Step 3:  Erase the background of image and crop image as per requirements using tools available on the ‘ Background eraser’ app.

Step 4:  Save the image in PNG format.

Now let’s see how to create stickers

Step 1: Download “ Personal stickers for WhatsApp” app and install on your Android phone.

Step 2:  After installation, open the app. Now it will show options to add edited images as WhatsApp stickers.

Step 3: Tap on ‘ Add’  and now you can see these stickers on your WhatsApp.

Creating WhatsApp stickers on iPhone

 Step 1: Download and install “Bazaart Photo editor and design” app on your iPhone.

Step 2: After installation, open app and tap on ‘Start new’ or ‘open photo’.

Step 3: Now edit and crop the selected photo as per requirements using Bazaart app tool.

Step 4: Once editing is done, tap on the ‘share’ icon and select WhatsApp. Next tap on ‘Add to WhatsApp’. You can tap ‘Update’ to add more stickers pack.

Using these methods Android and iOS users can create their own WhatsApp sticker packs and enjoy by sending to favourite people!!


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