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How to Fix 500 Internet Server Error

Error or mistake, we all hate interruptions and when in this era of the modern age, we are so well equipped with technology and when the tech industry tests our patience by showing various errors on the screen which at times, we are able to handle and at some sometimes we are not.

An error in the language of computers is used to describe any issue that arises all of a sudden in an unexpected way which hypes the computer to function properly.


500 internet server error is a very general HTTP status code which meaning that something has gone wrong on website’s server and also it displays inside the internet browser windows just as the web pages do. You could see it in any browser in any operating system even on many smartphones. It is a generic error message which probably means that difficulty level is medium and the time need to fix it is maximum 20 minutes.

It is although a very frustrating error and an issue which is not always tackled easily you might use a lot of troubleshoot while finding the appropriate conclusion for the error issue. You can definitely manage yourself by updating your site on a regular basis and also by keeping an update on your plugins and themes.

The tools required to fix it is plain text editor and FTP client which is also known as the File Transfer Protocol client and it is a software utility that establishes connection between host computer and remote server which is commonly known as the FTP server.

The server error can be caused by any number of things from uploading the incorrect file to as a bug in a piece of code and basically 500 internet server error is caused because the server is timed out, or a script you are running is timed out already.

It runs on almost every page of any site and whenever there’s a problem with the server or file that’s powering site it just pops out. The permission for it can be there and might be different for distinct user types – owner of the file, group of users and all others.

The steps to fix it are as follows:

  1. The most important part is to back up your site as it will cause a lot of changes in your website’s root dictionary which will keep you at a safer hand
  2. Using an FTO client- FTP client allows you to access and edit the website’s files as it is much easier to open client after downloading and installing it on your system.
  3. Create a new. htcaccess file as an improperly named .htcaccess file can cause an error to run on website but it should be named this and nothing else or it happens due to a corrupted file and the issue needs to be fixed urgently
  4. Increase your PHP memory as this limit is often lower for shared hosting plans and you need to increase the memory limit and refresh your website.
  5. Plugins should be deactivated to check for the faulty plugins
  6. You can locate issues by debugging your website
  7. You can open your site’s root directory in a FTP client and can upload the wp-admin and wp-includes from the fresh version of your site’s directory which will eventually overwrite the older versions.


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