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Fix – Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Error

Network Interface Card ( NIC) is a hardware component which is necessary to provide a dedicated network connection to the computer. Network Interface card (NIC) of a computer is connected to a  modem/router via Ethernet cable. Whenever NIC is not able to get a valid IP address ( internet protocol), an error saying “ Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” will appear on a computer screen! 

Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration

Without a valid IP address, the computer will not be able to communicate with the modem/router and operate on the internet. Hence, a valid IP address plays an important role while providing a network connection to the computer. Faulty router, Faulty NIC  or wrongly assigned IP address may cause “ Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”  error. Let’s see how to solve this issue.

Please follow the below solutions in order to solve IP configuration issues.

Restart the computer:  

To resolve the invalid IP configuration issue, user need to disable a future called ‘ Fast Startup’ and then restart the computer. Follow the steps given below to disable ‘Fast Startup’ feature in Windows OS.

Step 1:  Go to control panel on your device, and click on ‘power options’.

Step 2:  Now, click on ‘Choose what the power button does’ option appear at the left side of the screen.

Step 3:  Next, click on ‘‘change settings that are currently available’’.

Step 4: You can see a checkmark on the box beside ‘’Fast Startup‘’ option. Now, uncheck this box and click on ‘ save changes ‘option at the bottom.  Fast Startup is disabled successfully.

After disabling ‘ Fast startup’ option,  Restart your device.

Check Network Adapter Settings of your device:

Usually, the IP address will be assigned by the router automatically. But, you are able to assign an IP address manually also. First, make sure that your system is set to assign IP address automatically and check the properties for correct settings by following the below steps ( for Windows OS).

Step 1:  First, hold Windows key and press ‘’R’’.  A pop-up window will appear now. Type “ ncpa.cpl “  in the space provided and click on ‘OK’.

Step 2: Go to Network Connections.  Now, right-click on ‘’Ethernet’’ (Network Adapter) and select ‘’ properties’’ option.

Step 3: A pop-up window with Ethernet properties will appear now. Next, select  ‘’Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on ‘properties’ option below.

Step 4: A new window will appear now. Make sure that below two options are enabled,

  • Obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Obtain DNS server address automatically.

This is how you need to check NIC settings. If problems persist further, you may try by setting to choose the IP address manually.

Restart the router/modem and check Ethernet cable:

Turn off router/modem once and turn it on again after a few minutes. Now, check whether the issue is resolved. If not, try by replacing Ethernet cable or by using a different router. Still, if the issue exists, then you need to check the Network Interface Card. You can try by performing a factory restore to the network card and if the problem is not solved then you may need to replace the card.

Re-install Network Adapter:

After completing the above steps, if problem exists further then you need to uninstall network adapter once and again re-install. Re-installation steps are as follows :

First, hold Windows key and press ‘’R’’.  A pop-up window will appear now. Type “ hdwwiz.cpl“  in the space provided and click on ‘OK’. Next, right-click on Ethernet card under Network adapters and click on uninstall the device. Then restart your device and reinstall network adapter once again.

Running a couple of commands:

Another possible solution for Invalid IP address issue is to run couple of commands. To do this, hold Windows key + X and select ‘’command prompt’’. Then, enter the following commands:

  • Netsh Winsock reset
  • Netsh int IP reset
  • After running these commands, restart your computer.

Disable IPV6:

If your device is automatically configured to run on IPV6, then Invalid IP address issue may occur. Hence, users can try to resolve the issue by disabling IPV6 as follows : 

  • Go to network and sharing centre and click on ‘Change adapter settings’.
  • Right-click on Ethernet and click on ‘properties’
  • Now, uncheck the box  beside Internet protocol version 6(TCP/IPv6)

Once you have completed this task, restart your computer and check whether the problem is resolved.

Disable Microsoft Kernel Debug Network adapter:

Interference of Unknown network devices with your Internet connection may lead to error invalid IP configuration. To fix this, the user should disable unknown network adapters from device manager as follows :

  • Hold Windows key +X and click on device manager.
  • On-device manager window, click on view and  check ‘’ show hidden devices”
  • Under network adapters, right-click on ‘’ Microsoft kernel debug network adapter’’  and click on ‘’ disable devoice’’.

Once you perform this task, check whether the issue is resolved.

Assigning a MAC address to the network card

Incorrectly assigned or invalid MAC address of network card may be the reason for invalid IP address issue. Follow the below steps to assign proper MAC address to the network card

  • Go to command prompt and enter IPconfig/all and press enter to run.
  • Locate your network adapter from the list of information appears on the screen. Now, note down value in front of physical address. This is your MAC address.
  • Navigate to network and sharing centre and go to properties. Then, click on configure.
  • Go to ‘advanced’ tab, click on ‘network address’, enter MAC address noted down earlier in the value field. And click ‘ok’.

Enable DHCP :

DHCP automatically assigns IP address on your computer. To resolve the IP configuration issue, make sure that DHCP is enabled. To do that, follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows key + R and then type “service.msc’’ in the space  provided
  • Now double click on ‘’DHCP client’’.
  • Select ‘’automatic‘’ under startup type and click on ‘start’
  • Next, right-click on ‘DHCP client’ and click on ‘restart service’ and select ‘ok’.

In spite of all these attempts , if error message appears further then  try to resolve the issue as follows :

  • Disable the special power-saving features for the network adapter
  • Renew IP configurations
  • Perform a check disk scan to identify and fix corrupted areas of the hard disk.
  • Disable third-party anti-virus.

By following the above steps, people can fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error on their computer.


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