How to fix “Not Registered on Network” on Android

If you are reading this blog, you or maybe someone you know may be facing most annoying and frustrating network related issue “Not registered on Network”.This issue is common for Android phones and especially some of the Samsung Galaxy “S” series.

This issue  In this Blog, I have worked on this problem and attempt to solve it. And I have found the simple ways to fix it. If you have the same problem, then follow the steps to help register on the network.


Reason Behind this Issue :

1) Inserted New Sim Card

If you have changed your sim card recently, Then this the common error one might get . Sometimes devices are not able to keep it up with the sim card provider. Therefore this issue might be faced.

2) IMEI Error

Sometimes due to a technical glitch or error your device IMEI no is changed or broken which is the main reason for network issue and need to be fixed.

3) Software Update

A newly released firmware device update can be the main issue behind this as this makes your device unstable.

How to fix this Issue :

1) Re-insert Sim Card

First and Foremost you should do is to detached sim card from your mobile and reinsert it and see whether your problem is resolved. If the problem persists follow the other steps.

2) Manual setup

Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode -> select GSM only

Press back and select Network Operators. A search will be executed and a list will be populated with all the available Network Operators that are broadcasting GSM signal in your area.

You can select the name of the Operator you want to start using (the one on the SIM card you are using) or you can just set it to Select Automatically. Your phone should display the message “Registered on Network”

3) Update Access Point Name (APN)

Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names

Tap on the “+” or “ADD” button and manually insert the APN data that is required. You can easily find this out by calling your Operator and asking about the APN settings.

4) Device Firmware Software update

  • Firstly, make sure that your phone is charged and start it up
  • Insert the new SIM card into the phone
  • Navigate to the Settingsmenu
  • Find the Software Update screen and perform the update
  • Restart the phone and the error should be gone at this point.

Thank You !!!


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