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How to Fix Skype Not Working Issue

Skype is one of the leading video calling apps that we use nowadays. But it is noticed that some problems arise even in this app. If you want to solve your issues than you might go through this article, this will help you out solving your issues.

However, it is a very useful app to connect along long distances but sometimes we might face the disconnecting problem or it might be buffering or the quality issues that might not be suitable for us.


The problems might have developed due to network issues or slow usage. Go through the below steps or a short tutorial to solve your issues.


You can fix your skype working problems. Firstly check that data connection is running on 128 kbps.

Method 1: Check Skype Heartbeat

If you face any issues regarding the skype working before doing anything else just first check the skype itself. Check the heartbeat of the skype account. You can do this by either going to the skype heartbeat page or going to the help’s menu in the skype account. In the help menu go to the heartbeat option. Doing this you can check and measure the status of the skype system.

Method 2: Check audio settings

If you are facing any audio issues, then you need to check your audio settings. What you need to do is go the audio settings option. Here, click on tools and then open to options. Now need to check your microphone.

For this speak into your microphone and also check the green bar that will be displayed side by side. This green slider should move when you speak into the microphone, if it does not check with another device if it slides or not.

You can also check if your microphone is blocked or not. This can be done by going to the settings option, click on privacy and now select the microphone. Before you do this you need to allow your Apps to have access and make changes to your phone.

Method 3: Examine audio hardware.

The next method you can try is to examine your audio hardware. After checking your audio settings if you do not get any results then go for the hardware checking. This might solve your issues.

The microphones that you use would have a slider connected to it. Check if the slider works properly, there might be a possibility that you have accidently or unknowingly sided the slider due to which it is not working. Also make sure that you have plugged the microphone in the correct socket.

Method 4: Changing video settings

If you are not satisfied with your hardware examination then you need to do something with the video settings. Go to the video settings, here you need to check whether your webcam is connected or not. If it is not connected, install some drivers.

Another important thing you need to check is that you allow permission to your apps to have access to your camera.

Following these methods would surely help you out.


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