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How to Fix SportsDevil not working in Kodi

SportsDevil is another kind of add-on that we will be talking about in this section of the article. This type of add-on is mostly preferred by sports player. As the name indicates the sports devil is an add on for sports.

We have seen that we might experience various problems using a particular add-on, so is in this case. This sports add-on also has a number of issues related to it. We will talk about the solutions regarding these issues in this article.


The common problem that most of the users have experienced is “No stream available” issues. There are a number of repositories that are created to serve in creating a newer version of the sports devil add-on. Before you use a certain repo you need to have multiple tries and then select the one.

  • Always make sure you are connected to the VPN network. When you do so you are experiencing a safe search.
  • When you have a VPN connection, then you will be protected from the traffic.

Now we will se in the following article how do we install this add on and also how do we fix its issues.

How to Fix SportsDevil not Working Issues

If you are trying to install the sports devil add on you will suffer through various problems. To avoid these and install the add-on without issues read the article below.

Step 1: The first step that you need to follow is to launch the kodi application on your device. 

Step 2: Now in the left corner on the top you will the settings menu. Click on this.

Step 3: Now open the file manager. When you open the file manager tap on the option add source. After this, you have to select none.

Step 4: When you do the above three steps then go with searching an URL.

Step 5: You need to copy an URL link. The link is as then name it as XVBMC 

Step 6: After searching the link click on ok.

Step 7: Now you need to switch to the home screen again. Here you also need to select the add-ons option.

Step 8: Now you need to select the package installer.

Step 9: After selecting package installer now proceed to install. Here choose installing to be done by zip file.

Step 10: The repository that you need to choose is

Step 11: Now wait for some time for the installation to be completed.

Step 12: When it is done, choose to install from the repository.

Step 13: Now when all the above steps are completed you need to add video add ons too. To do this you would need to select the sports devil add-on which will be completing the process.

Step 14: Also you need to be aware that when the installation is complete you need to do one more step so that it works correctly.

Step 15: For this purpose you need to go to the add-ons menu. Here click on my add-ons. After doing this you need to click on the video player stream.

Step 16: Also you need to update it to a latest version so that it functions properly.

Method to Fix the Issues with Repo

When your repo is not working using sports devil you need to do the following:

  1.  For this you first need to launch kodi on your device. When you do so ten select settings option. Here go to the file manager and click on none in the add source menu.
  2.  Now you would need to add an URL. This URL is as After searching the URL click on ok.
  3.  Now go back to the home screen. Now select the add-ons menu.
  4.  You need to select the package installer for the installing purpose.
  5.  While installing choose the installation to be done with the zip file.
  6.  Select the repository of your choice and wait for some time till it is downloading.
  7.  You need to select video add-ons from the sports devil.
  8.  Just follow these and your issues will be solved.

If it is still nit working you can try another add-ons in place of this.


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