How to Fix System Service Exception in Windows 10

Error – who likes this word and not more like a word who actually likes the practicality of errors and what if when it comes to your tech life, on phones, on computers and on all the technology you come across on a daily basis. It’s not only disturbing but also interfering and annoying at most of the times as it is for a sure a waste of time because then you have to go all your way out to fix that error and especially on the computer.

It becomes difficult for a few people and an error message is information getting displayed on the computer when some unexpected conditions occur on your computer. Although it is important as it acts as an intervention to indicate that a desired operation has failed to execute itself properly. And you can find them widely throughout computing and they are a part of every operating system or computer hardware device.

System Service Exception

There is multiple error message that can come your way throughout the course and some of them are Access denied, which states that user has insufficient privileges to a specific file. Device not ready, stating when there is no availability to a floppy disk in a disk drive. File not found, low disk space, out of memory and the most common is that usually occurs in the Windows and especially XP when a message comes due to some general protection fault or an invalid page fault. Here, we are talking about the System Service Exception error in Windows 10.

System Service Exception is a blue screen of death error which is almost present in all the versions of Windows. It can be caused by driver incompatibility or by any of the software that is not compatible with Windows 10. There are many ways of solving the issue and they are as follows:

  1. Sometimes the built-in devices on your computer can cause errors such as webcam and for that in specific, webcam and to remove the error you need to disable your webcam. Device Manager > Windows Key + X > Webcam > Right click > Disable
  2. Another cause for this error can be an issue related to the antivirus software and especially McAfee Antivirus can be one of the main viruses and so you need to uninstall it from your computer. Uninstall McAfee antivirus from your computer.
  3. Sometimes it may happen that the error can be caused by Virtual Clone Drive tool if you are a constant user of Virtual CloneDrive so make sure it uninstalled to get the bug fixed.
  4. If you are a video game addict, this error might be a frequent visitor to you and so remove or update the XSplit software as all it is confirmed that MSI Live Update uses such drivers which can cause the error.
  5. The generation is of graphics are so if you are in use of graphics card driver and it could happen that it crosses the date and soon you will encounter this issue so in this case make sure you update your GPU drivers.


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