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It is a program for bypassing and activating iCloud on iPhone and iPad. There is a problem with the iPhone and iPad users that they tend to forget their iCloud passwords out of which they get locked out of their own iCloud profile and so gadget wide control is used extensively for this issue.

It is free and works as a very easy iCloud bypass available although it just supports windows and requires iTunes to be installed first. The main risky issue with this tool is that it exposes your data to the third party uses which makes it unsafe at times.

GadgetWide Cloud Control

It is a solution bypassing layers of protection in iCloud and helps regaining access with the last update done on December 14th the only requirements for it is – a strong internet connection and a removed IP with fake activation server.

Its supported devices are almost all the apple devices but more precisely iPhone 6S+, iPad, Mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3/4. It is the most highly rated tool in the entire market also it is absolutely free to download and use with high efficiency and easy flow but you have to download the software to your computer before you can use the tool.

Gadget wide tool cloud will always connect to an unknown server to perform its procedures. Before downloading it ensure that you have a working strong net connection while using the software also ensure that your windows firewall doesn’t block the software’s network access.

The way to download the gadget wide tool is as follows:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Go through the terms and conditions and then launch it.
  3. Register your program.
  4. Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device.
  5. Removing ‘magic lines’ is must as they act as a deterrent while running the software.
  6. Package should be unzipped to run the setup.exe file which will install the software on your computer’s hard disk.
  7. Wait for the software to connect to external servers which will enable it to unlock your iCloud.

It is developed by Gadgetwide which is a web development software and the latest version of which isn’t updated since a long time it was lastly found on the database in 2014 it was previously found to be the most powerful but since a couple of years no reviews and ratings have been found regarding it on the internet.


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