GBWhatsApp vs FMWhatsApp: Similarities and Differences

Utilizing WhatsApp is very quickly becoming the norm. Us humans are funny creatures, we loath change yet when the change is to our liking we embrace it wholeheartedly. Even if the change is affecting something as revolutionary as WhatsApp.

It is simple to learn and easy to use. But the same burning desire that took us to the moon whispers to us that as good as WhatsApp is, it could be better.

GbWhatsApp VS FmWhatsApp

The inclination for new themes and features has been there for some time now especially in the younger generation has shifted the focus from straightforward and secure programming like WhatsApp to third party offerings like FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp.

The developers have been working at breakneck speeds to make these WhatsApp alternatives. FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp both are filled with stunning highlights. The mods of WhatsApp are as user-friendly as the normal version. Both the mods are practically alike except for a few dissimilarities.

Contrasts Between GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp

  • It’s apparent that if you are utilizing mods, you desire some new features and a new-look from your Whats App. Albeit both the modes are quite similar, we discover a few contrasts as far as UI is concerned.
  • If your heart is set on themes, then go for FM WhatsApp as it has a devoted theme store loaded with 100’s of new themes. GB WhatsApp has limited themes and no theme store.
  • GB WhatsApp is quite similar to your usual WhatsApp yet FM WhatsApp has distinctive customizations. This makes FM appear to be somewhat unique from the patented WhatsApp application.
  • GB WhatsApp is known for advanced features and FM WhatsApp is for practical and secure features. FM Whatsapp provides more privacy features then GB WhatsApp.
  • FM WhatsApp is also a more customizable app then the GB WhatsApp app.
  • GB WhatsApp is not too far from the original WhatsApp means, it looks like the same as the original one. It also uses the same server.
  • On the other hand, the FM WhatsApp is the modded version of the app. Users find many advances features unblocked with it. 
  • GB Whatsapp uses the same features but FM WhatsApp has come with some comprehensive and independent features of the chatting app.
  • FM WhatsApp provides more flexibility for the personalization interface it has lots of customized themes. But The GB WhatsApp is less such features. GB WhatsApp has limited themes.
  • GB WhatsApp is more stable and secure and on the other hand FM WhatsApp is a little funky it gets updated very frequently and the data protection is not sure with this WhatsApp version.
  • The authors are different for both apps. FM WhatsApp is by Fouad Mokdad and GB WhatsApp is by
  • You can follow FM Whatsapp on Twitter and on Telegram for the update but GB WhatsApp also has Facebook and Vkontakte following option along with twitter and telegram.
  • Some people have also pointed out that GBWhats App gels rather well with regular WhatsApp compared to FMWhatsApp which feels a little out of place with the regular WhatsApp.

Similarities among FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

Both are the clone app of WhatsApp. Users can chat, voice calls, and video calls with both apps.

Both of the apps are a mod version of the original one and provides the same hidden and advance features like – you can freeze last seen with both app, invisible You DP, not receiving and reading massages features, you can choose who can massage and coll you and can download the anyone’s status with both the apps.

The greater part of the features of the two mods are the same. Here are some of them

  • Set my name
  • Status length limit is expanded to 250 words
  • Disable status under my name
  • Enable Instagram-like stories
  • Show Airplane mode
  • Disable clicking on WhatsApp
  • Tabs background color.
  • Customizable textual style for writing.
  • Have an inbuilt password to upgrade client information and look after security.
  • Support for all file types for sending and receiving.
  • Doble ticks are disabled
  • Blue ticks can be disabled
  • Conceal last seen.
  • Pictures received are of good quality.
  • Send pics up to 50 MB and videos up to 1 Gb
  • Brand new emojis
  • Hide notification

What’s more, the most alluring component of both mods is that they permit two WhatsApp accounts to run at the same time.

If you think WhatsApp too many emoticons, then think again. The two mods have a more wide-ranging choice of emoticons so much so that you will develop a new language made up entirely of emojis. In ordinary WhatsApp you can send pictures just up to 2 MB, this has been increased up to 50 MB.

So these are the few similarities and differences between GB WhatsApp and FMWhats App. Their similarities outnumber their differences. Also, keep in mind that in case Whats App gets an update then the mods may stop working, don’t worry the developers are very diligent when it comes to releasing updates so your inconvenience should last for long.


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