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Complete Guide on How to Format Laptop

Laptop is one of the necessities in today’s practical world. Most of our important and confidential data and documents are kept in our laptop. With the storage of this important data and documents there is also a lot of junk that gets stored in the users laptop.

What if this junk starts to degrade your laptop? Or what if your laptop hangs while working? or What if your laptop is just attacked by numerous viruses and malware?  

how to format laptop

This sometimes makes it highly necessary to format your laptop and then work fresh with it. Such a situation actually needs device formatting. Well, if you’re facing such a situation, here we provide our users with a complete guide on how to format their laptops.

Formatting devices assists the user to remove degraded files, viruses and malware that affect the user’s device. The user can format their device using the formatting command in a command line interface like command prompt.

Formatting a Device

Whether in Mac or in Windows, formatting is mainly done from Disk Management Tool. The user can either format the laptop using formatting command in the command line interface like command prompt. This could also be done by disk partition software tool.

Formatting a device assists and enables user to remove viruses and malware from laptop. Some major things that you can relate while formatting your device are:-

  1. Wipe out a Hard Drive.
  2. Format a Hard Drive in Windows.
  3. Format a Hard Drive from the Command Prompt.
  4. Format C Drive.
  5. Completely erase Hard Drive.

How To Format Laptop

If your laptop have been recently attacked by any malware or virus and now you want get rid of it, then the most probable solution that the user has, is to format the device. There are a few methods which would be preferable while formatting your device. We will be coming across a few methods here as well.

Method 1:-

The first method to format your laptop is by installation CD’s. This process includes a various steps which are mentioned below:-

  1. Backup your data on any of the Hard Disk.
  2. Now verify the method of restoration which is actually provided by the manufacturer.
  3. The user will be required to enter or insert the operating system disk into your CD or DVD Drive.
  4. While this process is in progress, wait for the CD to proceed automatically.
  5. Wait for the installation process to be complete.

1. Backup your data in any of the Hard Disk:-

Formatting a device can cause the user to lose up to all the major data and important documents. And henceforth it is highly recommended for the user to backup their Hard Drives or on any external Hard Drives such as CD’s, DVD’s, Pen Drives etc.

2. Verify the actual method of restoration provided by user:-

When the user purchases or receives their device, they get a set of installation CD’s. If the user didn’t receive any such things then there surely may be a restoration partition set up.

3. Enter or Insert the operating system disk into your CD or DVD Drive:-

When the user inserts a CD, DVD or a Disk into your drive it will automatically run and further open to a menu or options page select for installing a fresh copy of your OS.

4. Wait for the CD to proceed automatically:-

The user should follow all the prompts. After the running of the drives, accept the default offerings that the installation disk requires.

5. Let the installation process be complete:-

As soon as the installation process is complete, you will appear on a new window.

Method 2:-

Another important method to format a laptop is using restoration partition. This process includes a few steps mentioned below:-

  1. Restart your laptop.
  2. Select the option for installing a fresh window.
  3. Wait for the completion of the formatting process.

1. Restart your laptop:-

While the device is rebooting the user continuously needs to press F10 key on the key board until the laptop boots. After this the user reaches the partition offering option for repair or restore.

2. Select option for installing a fresh Window:-

The restore partition will completely run the program to format and reload the operating system, installing drivers and install all the software that come along with your laptop.

3. Wait for the completion of the formatting process:-

The formatting process nearly takes a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes for the procedure completion.

Formatting your device will not only prevent it from viruses and malware, but will also help you to start work clean and fresh with a fast working device. This is serves as a major advantage when it comes to formatting device.

The above complete guide has provided important steps related to formatting device which would be fruitful to the user in order to recover proper functionality of their devices.


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