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How to get free US Netflix in Canada?

Netflix – a wide variety of pepper-chips entertainment which the world knows already and so it never needs a separate introduction. People from all around the world enjoy Netflix with subscription all sorts of movies, series, shows and even live matches at times with everything good in the hand.

Many of us know that Netflix library is categorised according to the region you access it from? I think no, and possibly the best of movies and series are engulfed in Netflix US and the poorest of content goes to Netflix Canada as it has only 3000 content all across while it is more than 5000.

Watch US Netfix in Canada

When it comes to Netflix US and Netflix US from Canada can be a real painstaking task if you don’t have a good streaming VPN. The question arises is why this happening? Why not the same content in every country?

People have given many views and statement on this but basically the correct reason is even if you pay the equal amount you will still get only few accesses to the world content and this is all because of the main purpose to provide different content by abiding with local broadcasting laws.

The hackers and smart people still find ways to tackle techy situations out smoothly without the concerns of police and legal actions one of them is by changing your IP address also you could possibly change your existing DNS code to US DNS code which will trick Netflix into thinking that you are in US while you are actually in Canada.

But there are few problems that will arise sooner as it is really risky followed by many security flaws and issues and will work really slow with a lot of buffering but also we have found a way for it as well there is a permission DNS service called the Unblock-US.

It works efficiently all the time with the streaming quality faster than light with a seven day free trial period. To go to the server, follow the steps:

  1. Search and start the trail period
  2. Once you have signed up and configured on UnblockUS they will guide you the steps how to change your DNS address
  3. See the three bars light up signifying all set up situation and then go to ‘Netflix region on picker’ option

Also, a virtual private network or VPN if got connected to the server of US can be used to open Netflix app but remember that not all VPN address have to potential to do this task only the ones with fast speed, high quality and interruption in videos provided with quick competent customer support are eligible to do that by:

  • According to search and opinions, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost are the low-cost alternative which aren’t blocked.
  • Install them on your device
  • Connect it to the US Netflix

Now we will look at these three VPN’s closely as to why and how they are useful in accomplishing the task:


It has a no log policy which means its not important to sign up for this also its very fast and stable and not only it unblocks Netflix US but also is able to unblock Netflix UK, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO. The provider boasts top line encryption which includes kill switch and can also connect to three devices at the same time with a thirty-day money back guarantee.


It is a veteran provider and has a global network of more than 4500 servers. It has few same features as that of ExpressVPN like no adherence to strict log policy and also your privacy is ensured with great safety. This server is available for windows, MacOS, iOS and android with a connection available for more than six devices together.


You can select the streaming option and also can choose from the wide range of blocked streaming and it’s up to your customisation as in, it will allow you to access only that part of the world content which you will select accordingly and not all.

It is one of the fastest and earned top score in security and privacy assessment which is able to get connected with five devices at a same time.


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