How to Easily Remove Redirect Windows 10

What is

Hao 123 has been accused of internet hijacking by installing a virus that inserts on the desktop. It is a malicious browser hijacker and often installs itself without users permission and once installed it difficult to remove it. It can infiltrate your computer and disrupt your browsing sessions.

It can also adjust your settings and in your searches, you can disable your favourite search sites to use it. Remove the hao123 product immediately or any other spyware removal utility. Otherwise, it can begin to redirect on dangerous pages/websites.

Hao 123

Many times hao123 spreads in a pack with different parts. Many are browser accessories, browser add-ons, extensions, and plugins that can be allowed to follow laptop users and get unique information.

When such elements are added to the machine, they start gathering data on people’s keyframes, the most visited websites, as well as the likes on the sites. Such information is considered not personally identifiable, but it is strongly recommended keeping it private.

How to remove

The virus removal guide may appear immense due to the amount of the steps involved and the numerous programs that are being used. The following will provide you with detailed and easy to understand instructions that anyone can use to remove the malware easily.

  1. The very first step is to Uninstall the malicious program from windows. Go to the apps and features from the settings> apps. The apps and features will display a list of programs installed on your PC. scroll through find the malicious program and click “uninstall”. You will see a pop-up window informing you that the program and its related info will be uninstalled and will also ask to let the program make changes to your computer, hit “yes” to proceed.
  2. Use anti-malware software. Anti-malware software enables to destroy many types of malware that the other software tends to miss, without costing you anything. When it comes to cleaning up an infected device, anti-malware helps as an essential too to might against malware.
  3. Resetting the browser to original defaults: if the PC is being redirected to hao123 site, then it needs to reset the web browser setting to the original defaults. This should be used if only an anti-malware is not installed and is not run through the system.
  4. Download Zemana antimalware tool. Once the Zemana antimalware is installed, run it in the system and perform a system scan. This process will take up to 10 mins.
  5. Once the anti-malware is installed and once the process of removing the malicious program is finished reboot the PC.

Many users face the problem of virus and the question comes how to remove it. The above-mentioned methods are genuine and working. However, before downloading and installing any 3rd party extensions or add-os, read it carefully so that you will not face such issues. Windows is not as secure as other operating systems like Mac OS. So Windows users always are careful.


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