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How to Remove SvcHost.exe Virus

Svchost.exe: it is also called a service host, is a very important windows service that is used to host multiple windows operating system services. This windows file is required for Microsoft windows and windows apps that run on the PC. this file is situated in either c:/windows/system32 orc:/winnt/system32 directories depending on the version of the windows. It may also be in dllcache directory if present.


Svchost.exe is used as a common system process, some malware and viruses use the same name and disguise them as ‘“svchost.exe”. Now if with such name file is situated in the above-mentioned directory then it is not a malware. Other than the place mentioned above if you find svchost.exe then it is a malware or virus. You can determine such masquerading software by understanding the inner path of a process and invoking the command line, and help locate the actual file running under the assumed process name of “svchost.exe”.

How to remove this malware?

To remove this malware/virus may take few steps and involve numerous programs which are used. This steps given below are the detailed instruction and is easy to understand so that anyone can remove malware for free.

Method 1: Use Rkill to terminate the Svchost.exe

  • Download Rkill
  • Click on the icon on the desktop
  • Rkill will scan the system, wait until it completes. It will look for malicious virus and processes and tries to end them
  • Rkill will stop the malicious programs once it has completed its task it generates log. Do not reboot the computer after running Rkill as the malware programs will start again

Method 2: Use ESET Powelinks cleaner

  • Poweliks is the most popular and new security tools for windows that will change setting in the internet explorer automatically
  • Open and run type inetcpl.cpl press enter
  • Click on the security tab>reset all zones to default level
  • Apply ok
  • Download Eset Poweliks cleaner and open it
  • You will see the main window and now it will search for any infected file or program
  • Once detected, press Y on your keyboard to remove that virus.

Method 3:  Use Malwarebytes

  • It is popular and most used anti-malware software for windows.
  • It can destroy any kind of malware that other software tends to miss out.
  • Download Malwarebytes
  • Click on malwarebytes setup file
  • You may get a pop up asking if you want to allow malwarebytes to make any changes to your device. You should click ‘Yes’ to continue with the installation
  • Follow all the on-screen prompt to install malwarebyte. Click finish
  • Click on “scan now”
  • Wait for the malwarebytes scan to complete.
  • Once the scan is completed, the pop up will show the malware infections that malwarebyte has detected. To remove the malicious programs click on ‘quarantine selected”
  • Malwarebyte will remove all the malicious files that it has found. Now malwarebyte will ask to restart your computer

Method 4: Download Zemana AntiMalware

  • Download Zemana AntiMalware
  • Click to setup file
  • Install Zemana AntiMalware. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the install process
  • Click on ‘Scan’. This will perform the system scan
  • It will take some time to scan the PC and find the malicious files
  • It will display a list of all the malware that the program has found. Click the ‘Next’ button to remove the malicious files from the system
  • Once the malware removal process incomplete, Zemana AntiMalware will ask to restart the computer. Click on the ‘reboot’ button to restart.

This is all the in-depth understanding of Svchost.exe and how to remove if it becomes a malware or virus.


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