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How to speed up Microsoft Edge

In the history of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the latest internet browser Microsoft Edge is considered to be the fastest among its predecessor, Internet Explorer. Microsoft edge has many features and functionality that is hidden from the user.

Speed up Microsoft Edge

Try the following suggestions to help make your Microsoft Edge run better and faster.

1) Check Your Security Software Settings (Antivirus & Windows Firewall)

In Past Speed, Issue has been faced due to antivirus or even Windows In-built Firewall as the software doesn’t get along nice with many internet browsers, So in my suggestion Temporarily disable both just to see how Edge behaves this might help to isolate and find the root cause of your browser’s performance.

If you discover it’s your antivirus, there are some things you can do. You can try checking with the antivirus vendor for updates that might enable better support for Microsoft edge.

2) Complete Clean Up

As we all know, every time we visit any webpage browser collects and stores certain data. In general cleaning, your system regularly not only ensures good performance of the system but also improves the browser’s speed. Complete clean-up is nothing but removing the cache, history, cookies, logs and other data files which are not important to us.

To speed up Microsoft Edge, go on the edge setting Select ‘Choose what to clear’ button and then tick the desirable option and click “Clear History”. That’s It !

3) Make Changes to Browser Flag Settings

People are unfamiliar with Flag, as it lies in developer setting hidden from the regular users. So no worry you can simply find this setting by typing “about flag” in the address bar, next step you will be redirected to the flag setting from were one can modify feature & functionalities of the web browser.

4) Disable or Update Edge Extensions

Installing more and more number of extension will hamper the performance of your browser, So, it would be good to regularly check whether an update or uninstall is required so that it doesn’t hamper slowing down causes.

Just click on setting of edge  you will see a complete list of all the Microsoft Edge extensions will appear. Take a desirable action.

5) Repair Microsoft Edge

Just  Go to the Start Menu > Settings > In Settings Menu, look for Apps Apps & features > Microsoft Edge >Advanced options > A window will pop up, locate and click Repair button

Note- You Have to restart the browser after every method.

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