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How to use a PS4 Controller on PC

Furtherance in technology has made Gaming a vogue across this generation and the previous one. Also that it serves as a boon when one feels bone-tired from all the worldly chores. Gaming is a mirthful way to boost one’s own self and makes one feel self contented. PlayStation 4 is an eighth generation home video game console which was announced as the successor to PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 4 provides DualShock 4 as its primary controller. Although it resembles its previous versions of controllers of PlayStation 3, it possesses many additional features and design refinements. Forasmuch as its not quite a plug and play device as Xbox 360 controller but its relatively easy to work upon as it also provides an optional Bluetooth dongle and native steam system.

PS4 Controller on PC

Features of PS4 Controller

The primary controller of PlayStation 4, DualShock 4 offers various features. A few of them are similar to the previous controllers but with some additional rectification and a few features totally distinct to the previous ones.

  1. Just like the previous controllers, the caps of the analog sticks are designed in a concave shape. The D-pad buttons are given a steeper downward slope in order to provide a resting place to the users thumb.
  2. Dualshock 4 also features the addition of touchpad. This touchpad is capable of detecting two simultaneous touch presses and can also be used as a button.
  3. The motion tracking system of the controller is much more sensitive than the previous versions. An LED “light bar” is a further rectification in DualShock 4 as it provides access to the PlayStation camera to track its motion and also to provide visual effects to the games.
  4. PlayStation Move Motion Controllers is another important additional feature in Dualshock 4.
  5. The DualShock 4 is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged using its micro USB connector.

How to use PS4 Controller on PC

  1. Three softwares are required for the complete setting up of PlayStation 4 and its controllers. These are DS4Windows, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 and Xbox 360(in case of Windows 7).
  2. Reach out for chrome or any web browser and download the link Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 and in case of Windows 7, install the Xbox 360 controller driver next.
  3. Use a micro-USB cable to plug in your DualShock 4 into your PC. Now on get DS4Windows tp proceed with its function.
  4. If the user desires to use the DualShock 4 wirelessly, firstly plug in your USB wireless adapter and pair it with your controller, secondly hold the share button and the central circular button simultaneously till the controller’s backlight starts flashing, next push on the adapter’s end until starts flashing. Once both start flashing, they will automatically pair in a few seconds.
  5. DualShock 4 is ready for playing through the steam.
  6. If the user wants to use controller with games outside of steam, then DS4Windows serves as benefit. Download the latest DS4Windows .zip file and save it to a fresh folder. Now extract its contents using any file archiver you prefer.
  7. Two applications appear on the screen out of which choose DS4Windows. Controllers tab present in here displays Controllers you have connected. If not listed here, close DS4Windows, reconnect Controllers, re-open DS4Windows.
  8. Open settings tab in DS4Windows, make sure the Hide DS4 Controller box is checked and Xinput ports is set to one. Now you’re all set to use Controllers with games outside of steam.

DualShock 4 is the best PC controller which makes Gaming much more delight and extends various extensive features which add more mirth.


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