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How to Use Google for Reverse Phone Lookup

The most famous and popular American multination technology company Google, which has a specialization in almost every internet related service and products and is considered as one the four biggest tech companies along with Facebook, Apple and Amazon. You can access to almost everything on this earth using within minutes and through the usage of YouTube, many national and international bloggers have paved their way to shining fame. Today in the generation of technology there is no looking back to undue and incomplete information and securities.

Reverse Phone Look up

Man times it has happened with all of us that we come across unknown phone calls and messages on our phones and we get interrupted in various ways also they can be intentional disturbing phone calls and with the advent of many applications like Truecaller, you can easily find out the name of the person who is calling you but before the coming of such apps there was a very known and profound function google used to perform which was afterwards shut down on November 2010 but still it can be used and is known as reverse phone lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup is a simple way to track your phone number and there is no need to type the number on the search bar and it uses the google phone book, search operator. It was shut down because many people were requesting the company to remove their number from Google’s index and after this partial shutdown tracking became a little less intuitive but still as said before it is advisable to use although you will not be able to find every number as it always won’t give you real answers but still within minutes it can do what is possible under its limits.

Steps to Use Google for Reverse Phone Lookup

To use the technique of reverse phone lookup, follow the procedure:

  • Firstly you need to type the entire phone number on the google search bar including the area code like you just need to copy paste the entire number even if it exceeds the common format of ten digits.
  • Then you will be able to see the dozens of different phone directories as the search will list and recently Google has started working this methodology.
  • If the number is associated to any business firm or association it will show up in the first few searches only because it is very easy to search and find as almost every business stuff is related to the net by any means.
  • If the number is attached to some private household finding the address will be a bit tough job because it is usually not given and can be found by any means as such however if the person is on any social networking site then the listing is quite easy to show up.

So this is how you can find unknown numbers even with the help of Google.


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