How To Use the Kik App on a Mac

Kik has been popular for its simple interface and easy chatting features, but somehow, they did not yet come up with a version of it for Mac.  There are separate versions of it for Windows and Android but not for Mac. Now it is not that Mac owners are not interested in chatting via Kik. So if they want to feel the Kik, this is the way.

To use Kik on your Mac you need just an emulator and Kik messenger will be ready for your Mac device. The Kik app for iOS does not work that great for the Mac so it is better to use Android emulator for Mac.

Kik for Mac

Which emulator works the Best?

There are too many emulators available but according to the users, Bluestacks works best for both Windows and Mac, though there are two different versions of this emulator for these two different kind devices. This one works in a smart way and lets you play games and chat through your PC just like the way you can do the same via your mobile.

How much you have to pay?

There is a very nominal monthly subscription charge for Bluestacks after the primary free subscription period is over. Though it may seem odd to you that Kik is a free messenger but you have to pay for Bluestacks which is just an emulator. But the reality is Bluestacks is not only needed for Kik messenger, but you can play various other games and use other apps which are apt for iOS devices.

How to install Kik via Bluestacks on Mac

  • Search for the Bluestacks for Mac from the internet and download it in your device. You do not have to worry as when you will find the Bluestacks, at the time of downloading it will identify your device and download the appropriate version.
  • Next step is registration after the app is downloaded and opened.
  • Now you search for Kik app in your device from the Google play store.
  • Download the Kik app.
  • Install it in your Mac.

Bluestack is a commercial programme so very few times you may face a problem working with it. Most importantly, this is always getting improved and updated, thus ensuring the best service to the users.

When you have Bluestacks installed in your Mac, you will see that the desktop looks like the desktop of any Android device and functions in the same way. So you can search and install any other app from the play store just the way you would have on your Android phone. Though some games may not run as smoothly in the Mac via this emulator, the user can lodge the complaint regarding the hurdles in Bluestacks website and they sort the situation out quite fast.

How to use Kik in Mac

  • Open the Kik app by double-clicking on it.
  • Register if you are a new user, or else log in to your account.
  • Put your mobile number.
  • Get your conversation started with your friends and contacts.

How to make friends on Kik

If you have a prior account of Kik and a group of people on your chat list, then this is not for you. But if you are a new user who has just registered for Kik then you have to search for your friends on Kik.  If you would have used Kik from your phone then you could have to get started with your address book. Kik would search your contacts and match those who already are in Kik and thus you will be liked to them.

But since you are using Kik via emulator, it will not be so.

  • The first step of searching for friends is finishing your profile. Put all the details required and also put an image. If you do not want to put your own image, then any sensible picture will do. Now the below steps can be followed:
  • Share your profile by going to settings.
  • Select the social networking sites where you are a member of, so your contacts of that social media can identify you on Kik and reach to you.
  • If you wish to chat in a group, select the “+” button in the chat window.
  • Check the public groups displayed there at the bottom pop up.
  • Search for any particular group by adding a hashtag with the keyword for the group.
  • Looking for any particular person is done by searching through username, contact number, or Kik code. Contact numbers do not fetch result when you are using Kik via emulator, so work with the other options.


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