How to Install and Use TweakBox on iOS

TweakBox is well known for third –party app that can be installed on iOS devices which is not available in the official apple app store. Here are the things you need to know about TweakBox, features and how to download it. TweakBox is absolutely free and loaded with ample of different apps and games.

Through this app, iOS users can be able to access applications which are unobtainable within the Apple App Store.


What is the TweakBox App?

We all know iOS device has designed by Apple. Pessimistically iOS users only able to install apps and their adored games from the Apple app store.

It has Materialized as a third-party app installer for iOS users, which gives ample of apps and services to your device.TweakBox is making a new way of ecstasy which brings a smile on your face without any obstacle.

Features of TweakBox

This app was developed in this way that the user does not require to use Cydia or jailbreaking anymore. Here are some relevant features of this app which will help you once you downloaded it.

  • App Store Apps – This app comes with adequate app and games that includes a list of premium apps. However, you can download this paid app for free on your devices.
  • TweakBox Apps – Tweak Box contains app like games, music, movie along with much more features. The apps beings updated regularly and come up with games emulators and more exclusive offers.
  • Tweaked Apps – Modified version of some apps.
  • Hacked Games – freemium and modified games available for iPhone and iPad.No need to pay a dime on app-purchases.

How to Install TweakBox on iPhone or iPad

Here’s the procedure is mentioned below how to install TweakBox on iOS-

  • Go to the Safari Browser on your iOS and search for TweakBox.
  • Click on any authenticated website and wait to load the page.
  • Once you get the pop-up window which notifies you to access the settings app. So, confirm it by pressing the Allow button.
  • You will get a message with a Profile downloaded, so head back to the home screen on your iPhone or iPad.
TweakBox Profile Downloaded
  • Open the setting app, you will find a tab “profile downloaded”, just tap on it.
Profile Downloaded
  • On the next screen press install button.
tweakbox-click install
  • Then you will be asked to enter your passcode.
TweakBox Enter Passcode
  • Once TweakBox installed successfully press the done button.
  • Now your desirable app is ready to use.


If you are an Apple user and want to grab such opportunity in your iOS then TweakBox is a good option to choose. Now day’s TweakBox is more privilege to iOS. Moreover, this app comes with ample of games and apps and more updated features which we have already discussed above.


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