How to Install Tubemate on PC (using Nox app)

The face of entertainment has been changed since the innovation of the internet.  People are now innovating more and more ways to manipulate the internet so they can spend their spare time pleasantly. Now if the internet connection starts getting fussy, how do you manage to do that? Well, the answer is YouTube downloader apk.


Why Tubemate?

You can watch the innumerable number of videos offline, and the process is quite fast, you only need a 3G or 4G data connection while downloading the videos.  The interface of this downloader apk is quite similar to that of YouTube so you can easily search the videos in it. You can adequately pause or resume a download in the middle of the process. It is totally free and no subscription is required.

How to use it in your PC?

Tubemate is not only for the android users, but also this apk is as flexible in pc. So if you prefer to see movies on a wider screen than the mobile ones, Tubemate is the only solution. It is the best solution for offline YouTube video watching sessions. The high definition videos and separate MP3 files can be achieved by using MP3 converter through this downloader.

Using Nox app player to download Tubemate in your PC

You can download Tubemate in your pc by using various different app but Nox app player is gaining popularity for some definite reasons.

  • This works faster
  • Memory consumption is lesser

The process of downloading is quite simple, here it goes-

  1. You need to check the Google play store for the Tubemate apk app. Click on the link to download and install it in your pc.
  2. Then you can download the Nox app, which will take a few seconds.
  3. After the installation is finished, you can find the already installed Tubemate apk app will change and it will show to be connected with Nox app.
  4. Double clicking on the app will start the installation. Or else you can directly drag the Tubemate apk to the present window to start the same process.
  5. After finishing the entire process, start downloading the videos from Youtube to enjoy the hassle-free experience.

Features of Tubemate:

  • This has an in-built search engine to make things easier.
  • You can choose from different resolutions.
  • You can download multiple videos simultaneously.
  • You can access your videos when you are without a signal.
  • You can keep a record of all your downloaded videos and check it later if needed.

You can not only watch the videos but also can share them through other messaging apps like Whatsapp.

However, it has a few cons, let’s check them:

  • You need to download a separate MP3 media converter to get it working.
  • The data connection should be very strong, and the wi-fi connection is preferred for downloading the videos.
  • As per some users, this is not a very stable app, and it can get crashed all of a sudden, which is quite unfortunate.

The best factor of watching offline videos are, these will run without ads. No one loves the irritation of advertisements poking through the videos.  Buffering will also not take time. Thus you can continue to watch videos uninterruptedly by using Tubemate YouTube Downloader.


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