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Latest apps like Pinterest

Technology and entertainment go side by side. There is not a single individual left who has been not trapped in this web of desires, fantasies and discoveries and we are all on the internet even if we try not to use it to the large extent. But what if someone guides you the way to use it to its fullest and be the master of some wonderful and creative stuff indulging in which will create a world of mysteries and new inventions for you?

Yes, it is possible to surf on the internet for some extremely useful things and hence we bring forward the latest app available to reuse for mind for something very constructive.

Latest Apps Like Pinterest


As the site says it has got the best product from the entire universe and what else is great in this universe other than shopping to its fullest.  Wanelo, as it is derived from the mixture of three words Want, Need and Love which acts as a shopping website and millions of people are addicted to this shopping on the phone site.

The best part about the site is as you will keep on saving the products, you’ll like it will get your style and preferences and show you more products like that.  It was released in 2012 and now has more than 10,00,000 downloads.


An app which will organise and share everything as its headline says. You can save your bookmarks, documents, eBooks, notes, files, photos etc and make a separate section under a collection and so forth you can actually manage all your interests together under one roof.

According to Forbes, Pearl Trees is an amazing app which makes a wonderful experience navigating and collections. Also, the best part about the app is that you can add images and illustrations to your collections to make them look super attractive.


An app for the designers, it is an official Android application which is adding users to the life of the sparkling upcoming designers as you can follow and discover designers from all over the world with just the click of buttons.

Founded in 2009, the app has successfully grown to build a large community of designers by bringing them to the same platform and their mission is to help the world’s design talent to share their masterpiece collections and get hired with good opportunities.

Product Hunt

This app is featured by Apple and is used to discover new and best of games, apps, books and podcasts on an everyday basis also it is a place to share and geek out your own individual favourite things. Although it is a very new application in terms of release as it is recently released on 27th February 2018 but is on the very edge of increasing its users to an outstanding remark of 10,000+ downloads till date.


If you are searching for an alternative choice for Pinterest, it is fancy what you want. Fancy is a New York-based social photo sharing web store and also a mobile app which is for now not available on play store. Fancy allows you to share articles and personalized blogs here and works as an E-Commerce site allowing socially oriented shopping through the pictures and sharing feeds.

You can promote your things well as well get a full amount of funding too and if you get a premium you can have your own fancy box.

We Heart It

As the name says, it is a stage of endless inspiration related to photography, travel, fashion and much more. It is a refreshing social media platform which will allow you to explore what you love which can share your passion for different realms of life. You can upload photos, articles, gifs about various topics that excites you and you want the world to know and notice or even try that out.

You can also use it as a way to communicate with your like-minded people by sending messages and hence the name calls you more than the community actually does. It is added with some brand-new filters and photo editing effects to enhance your feed.

Food Gawker

In more precise terms it acts as a photo gallery that allows the lover of food to searches and gets lost in the ocean of delicious cuisines and recipes to brighten their day every day. Its photos are in high quality and showcased well also it has various sections separating the vegetarian, non-vegetarian, breakfast, lunch, desserts, cold drinks, milk & cheese, glutton free and what not.

You can personally categorise your food gallery and add any post or picture to your favourite list and post those pictures to some other social media platform. Food lovers, you got a place. 


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