Nox App Player for Windows, Mac

What we mean by Nox?

Nox is originally a piece of software-defined networking and can say that it is a platform for building network control applications. To a developer Nox can mean as, a topology discovery component, a learning switch component and a network wide switch component. It is also targeted at recent Linux distributions it is basically manufactured to beat BlueStacks.

Nox is fast, smooth, stable, a never to freeze, quick and reliable as well as very compatible with games and applications including new and popular titles. It supports keyboard, gamepad, script recording and multiple instances.

Nox App Player

It has inbuilt video recorder and macro recorder, the actual main strength is its external configuration, points and the possibility to customize all the controls with a powerful Android emulator.

It has a very simple interface which is easy to use with intuitive keyboard mapping for apps and game controls also the best part includes the supporting technology to multiple control devices.

The pros and cons come side by side, the sluggish installation process acts as a con to the player but anyway it creates a virtual Android tablet on your desktop and that too free defining it more precisely, we can say that it is a cross platform tool which enables you to run android apps on your windows for any window in specific 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac computer.

Its design is based on the Android 4.42 kernel. It has the best game experience and used for almost all kinds of games with shaking feature available. It has added some amazing new features to it as well like it has optimized the multi-drive, optimized the interface of the synchronization and minimize the panel during synchronization.

It also provides resolution and image quality modification in PUBG mobile and supports the 2K version. There are many more stunning features of the Nox player but the best part is that if your games on phone are eating too much battery then you shouldn’t hesitate in installing Nox app player.

To download it for PC you should have a very strong internet connection and it can be played in two versions either online or offline and for offline in specific you need to download a complete setup file and install it.

To download it on Mac system should have at least 2GB RAM or more with 2.2 GHZ processor as it is recommended with 1GB graphic card. It supports all GPS-based games including the Pokémon Go and Ingress also players can walk randomly and change the speed with keyboards.

To download it on Windows go to the file location folder and install it with agreeing on the terms and conditions, after clicking on installation the process will start immediately taking 10-15 min for online file and 2-3 min for an offline file. Then start to get launch on Nox app player and the Android emulator will start soon within minutes and you will be able to see Nox app player on the home screen of your PC.

The Nox player download on windows is very easy and also on Mac devices through some links and use your favorite Android game on your windows and Mac PC devices for free.

To download Nox player on Mac PC you just have to launch any web browser and visit the link associated but you have to download the installer on computer in DMG format which is Mac supported. The file might be bigger of 370Mb and then wait, run it and install Nox on Mac.

NOTE: after installation, to use it Google sign in is required for utilization of all its features and you may also create a new ID or use the existing one.


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