How to Restore IMEI Number of Android Device

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique number assigned to each individual phone. Say you lost your phone or your phone was stolen then you can report it to your network provider who will promptly ban your device from the network.


This will render the phone useless to the thieve. But sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances consumers tend to lose their IMEI numbers leaving them high and dry. Well we have a number of solutions for such people.

Lets try the simplest method first

  • You can usually find your IMEI number in Settings-About.
  • Your IMEI number should also be printed in your handsets box.
  • You can also find it written on your device’s battery.

Download the MTK Engineering App

  • Go to the Google play store on your device and look for the MTK Engineering Mode app. Now download and install this app.
  •  Go to Connectivity > Now select CDS information.
  •  While you are in CDS, select Radio Information.
  • Select the Phone 1 option and then put in the following digits into the box: AT+EGMR=1,7,’Your IMEI Number’. (Minus the quote marks and full stops of course)
  •  Now select the Send AT command.
  • Now Restart your device.

If your phone has a dual SIM as most phones do these days then you need to follow the following steps

  • Go the MTK Engineering App and select Phone 2 and input the following: AT+EMGR=1,10,’Your IMEI Number’. (Without the quotation marks and full stop of course)
  • Now send the command and restart your phone.

Try Installing Backup IMEI

Before you do that you will need the following:

  • Your IMEI number.
  • Root access
  • A computer
  • You will need to install the Mobile MTK Tool. Do this on your PC by just clicking the link Download.
  • You will also need to install  Mobile Uncle tools on your Android Device.

Once you have done all of this, you can now do the following to get back your IMEI number.

 Start by opening the MTK tool which can be found at the bottom of your screen if you are on Windows 10. If not, proceed to the File Explorer.

  • Type in the command Y and press enter
  • Input your IMEI number and confirm it by pressing the Enter button.
  • Now you will have to repeat step number 2.
  • You will now need to create an IMEI.bak file and then copy it to your device’s storage.
  • Open the Mobile Uncle app and tap on IMEI Backup and restore the .bak file

 Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, you need to restart your phone. Once your phone has restarted your network should start to show. If it doesn’t follow the steps mentioned next.

Try using your device’s code

●  In your Android dialer type in the following: *#197328640# or *#*#197328640#*#*

  •  In the Command Mode Select ‘Common’ from the options presented to you.
  •  You need to be careful while doing this step. Without leaving the Command screen, click the Menu key.
  •  Now select the Key input and turn Off the FTM.
  •  Wait for a few seconds before removing your sim and battery from your Android Device.
  • Now put your battery back in but not your sim card.
  • Turn your phone back on.  When your Android device has turned back on, you will have to input the following command: *#197328640#
  • Now tap on the Debug Screen followed by control. After you have done this select ‘RRC (HSDPA)‘. To Fix a network that is not registered, you will want to tap on RRC revision.
  •  Now select the HSDPA option.
  •  After doing all this, restart your device and put your SIM card back in.. Now dial *#06# to check if your IMEI number has been found and restored succesfully.

 IF you have followed these steps then your IMEI number should be restored.


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