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Tinder Plus/Gold Mod APK for Android and iOS

People are now maintaining their social life on social media platforms, and as a result, dating apps are in craze. Dating is a parameter of modern generation people’s lifestyles and they often find it a source of fun and enjoyment.

A relationship that has no name and does not even last long, at least in most cases, can be called flirtatious. So people often seek opposite or same-sex friends with matching parameters to befriend. Now meeting people at locality and workplace is so common and that also involves the chance of scandalizing the situation. So they need apps like Tinder which will allow them to make friends with likeminded people who are not in their vicinity.


There is no certain age group for the interested persons on these dating apps. From teenagers to senior ones, everyone is interested in flirting and dating. But there are certain fallbacks to this kind of site. Some dating sites leak the data and personal information which poses threat to the security of the users.  After many certain incidents, people have become apprehensive and started avoiding any random dating apps and sites. But Tinder has always been there in this business, qualifying as one of the best rated and trusted apps for dating and matchmaking.

Tinder Gold-Plus

The reason behind Tinder’s popularity:

The app has become popular due to many reasons, the primary one being, easy to be used. You can log in to the site anonymously and check the profiles of probable matches. Also, you can swipe left for disliking or right to like the profiles you are viewing.

If yours and your chosen person’s profile matches with each other, you will be able to contact that person and chat to know the person more intimately. This way it is more convenient to get to know each other and be closer with time.

The need for personal information is denied in Tinder. You can go anonymous apparently. Also, you will not be able to see other users’ details other than a small bio, one image, and some common interests. Once you are attracted to the person you like you can impress him or her by using Super like, which is a special option of Tinder.

Special features of Tinder Plus/ Gold:

The super like just mentioned above, is not for the free members. You need to be the premium member of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus to be using the super like feature, along with swiping an unlimited number of profiles.

Not many of the users will be interested in buying the premium membership and to enable them to use the features without spending a buck, the Tinder Gold/Plus Mod apk is here.

The features that this Mod version provides are:

  • You will be using the Gold and Plus version features of Tinder without actually paying for the subscription. In the regular Tinder account, you have a limited amount of likes, super likes, boosts, and swipes. But with the Gold or Plus version of Tinder Mod apk, you can visit the umpteenth number of profiles and choose more than any particular number of profiles. Not only that, but you can also show interest to many profile holders by posting likes, super likes, and boosts to them.
  • Since the year 2012 Tinder has been popular. It was primarily the app for teenagers who always find it exciting to meeting new people. But later it caught the attention of the grown-up and mature people too. It gets you a chance to meet and explore various people with different personalities and know who you actually like to have in your life. Due to these attractive features, this app has now become a popular one in more than 200 countries all over the world. So you will be able to find your perfect match from more than 30 billion profiles available here.
  • You can use this app while you are on the move as while you are changing your location will let you see more match options. This app is being created for people who love to explore new things, places, and people. So the motto of any Tinder user should be swipe, chat, and meet. Also, you can link social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram with the Tinder profile. This feature is also available on the Mod version and it allows you to share your personality with the probable matches in a better way.
  • Tinder Mod apk works on real-time and location, so you will find matches that are present in the area nearby. Also, you can hide some personal details like age, real name, etc. You will not be forced to display these details to other profile users. Also, you can manage the visibility of your profile, like you can ban some people from seeing your people if you wish, though others will be able to see your profile easily.
  • The video calling option of this apk is a nice idea. After sharing the basic details and expressing the likes for each other, two users can do video calls which will help them to get to know each other with clarity. After a long time of chatting you may find it a nice idea to talk to the person virtually and find if this is going to be a long term relationship for you.
  • Not only that, but the mod apk of Tinder also allows you to stay offline and still use the features of this app. The developers have made Tinder accessible to the users even when they are not online. You can access all the facilities like swiping the profiles and liking them while staying offline. User blocking is one prior feature through which you can block unwanted visitors to your profile. This feature is much helpful for security reasons.
  • There is an amazing feature in Tinder called User suggestion. By this feature, you will get the localized suggestions of your matches and that too will be personalized based on your choice of would-be partner. The features like age and locality are maintained while selecting the suggestions of matches for you.  You will always find the best-matched profiles of your choice in Tinder.
  • The calendar integration is another great feature of the Tinder. This feature allows you to see the details of the profiles you have right-swiped or liked. Also, you will get to know more details about the people with whom you have chatted in Tinder. The calendar shows how many people you have chatted and shown interest in. This will also help you to decide whom you want to meet in person after chatting with them virtually.
  • You can get notifications from the profiles that you have selected. This way you can communicate with the profiles who have liked you back after you swiped them right. This is a nice way of conjugal proceeding to a fruitful relationship.

How to download Tinder Plus/Gold in Android:

To download this mod apk in your android mobile, you need to uninstall the previous version of this app from your device.

  • Now download the mod apk file from any trustworthy source available on the internet.
  • Check the settings of your phone and in the security tab, enable the third-party app to be downloaded on your device.
  • You will find the direct download link from the website page. Click on the start button and the downloading will be started.
  • After a few seconds, the downloading will be completed. Click on the downloaded file and let it be installed successfully.

How to download Tinder Plus/Gold on the iOS device:

Delete the previous version of the app from your iOS device, before downloading the mod apk from any trusted source available on internet.

  • Browse the net through the Safari browser to get the link of downloading the mod apk file.
  • Wait for the installation confirmation notification sends through the iOS system.
  • Now click the install button and next click on the Home button.
  • It will take two minutes to get the installation process finished.


Tinder Mod Apk allows you to enjoy the tempting features of Tinder Gold and Plus membership without paying the subscription fee. We hope you will enjoy the experience of using Tinder via this Mod APK successfully.


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