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Pdf or Portable Document Format was initially developed by Adobe in the 1990s including text formatting and images it acts as an open format, and the various content it contains is still in use too many. It has a lot of tools and short cuts inbuilt for the smooth functioning.

top pdf converters

Pdf’s are used in almost all phases of life no matter as a student, as an employee or as an official and its conversions have been one of the significant discoveries of mankind as pdf are very easy and portable to carry and handle with all important information’s under one roof which makes it easier to access and there is various converter used for this purpose and they are as follows:


It is considered as one of the world’s best mobile document scanning app with more than 350 million installed devices in around 200+ countries. It helps you to scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, computers and other devices.

It has few very smart applications inbuilt like cropping and auto enhancing text and you can digitise all kinds of paper work like receipts, business cards, certificates.

It uses OCR which is optical character recognition which extract text from images for editing and you can easily share documents in any format. The latest feature added is the increased in number of pages to 100

Adobe Scan

It turns your device to a powerful portable scanner that recognises text through OCR. You can convert any text to pdf through this maybe notes, document or photos and it can also scan your photographs. It works on three simple steps – Capture, Enhance and Reuse.

Here reuse means that you can improve the quality of your pdf with the help of OCR. The best part about the scanner is that it makes even the lengthiest documents manageable and helps you to select, search and copy text easily. Released on 2017 it is officially offered by adobe and working successful throughout the globe.

Word to PDF

As the name itself suggests, convert word to PDF or convert PDF to word online. It is a very easy to use app as it is an online app it needs internet connection and also it works on android 2.3 or later versions.

It contains a lot of adds from its own and also as a sign of improvement small bugs are fixed for more convenience. The use of Linux server or windows server comes into play as you need to convert the pdfs.

Foxit Mobile PDF

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t exhaust your device resources and it is so fast that it won’t take any time to open like the normal ones. You can view, annotate and protect your pdf it comes with a leading-edge technology named ConnectedPDF which powers document intelligence, security and collaboration services.

It is multilingual app with more than access to 12 languages meeting the demand of worldwide customers. The latest features added to the app are that now you can insert audios or videos to the pdf and also images can be used as signatures during pdf sign.

There is a seven-day free trial advanced feature also now the app comes with an additional pencil annotation tool for markings in the pdf’s itself.

JPG to PDF Converter

Again, as the name suggests it is used to convert JPG files to PDF in less than no time and is an absolute easy app to use in general. You just have to choose any Jpg file on your android device and then select the kind of pdf you want it to fit in and tap on the ‘convert to pdf’ option.

Also you are allowed to choose the type of customisation you want in sense of orientation and height. It sorts images in order of file name, latest modification or file size without your permission. It was recently updated on February 2019 and the download size is 4.64 MB and is offered by Weeny Software and users basically loves it sorting system.


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