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How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPad without iTunes

We are now addicted to our gadgets, and if that is something cool like the iPad, we are addicted for obvious reasons. One can pass time and get entertained by listening to music, playing games or watching a movie.

Different Media files play in different devices, but now we try to accommodate almost all kind of files to our iPads which are technically the best-updated device. Movies are generally stored in your PC from where you can transfer them to iPad which is quite travel-friendly.

Transfer videos from PC to iPad

Why not iTunes?

There are a few regular processes for doing so, like using iTunes to transfer or copy the files. We will discuss the reasons why one will try not to use iTunes for movie transfer.

  • Not all file formats are supported by the iTunes library, which means you cannot watch videos of unsupported formats.
  • The process is quite lengthy, you need to transfer the movie files first from your pc to the iTunes library and then watch them on iPad.
  • The iPad of ours almost always contains a few of our favourite songs or other movies previously. But after syncing movies from iTunes to iPad will erase all the previous files and not only that, it takes a very long time to erase all the files and put new files.

Due to these various reasons, you may seek ways to transfer files from your PC to iPad and here are the ways.

EaseUs MobiMover

The software gained popularity due to its unlimited transferring capability which is quick and direct. This comes completely free of cost and transfers data from any iOS device or PC to other iOS devices. There can be any kind of data like photos, contacts, Podcasts or videos.

The process is quite simple as well, just download MobiMover to your PC and let’s get started.

  • You need to connect your iPad to your PC, ensure that your PC is trusted by the iDevice. Then run this software, next, you will click on “PC to device”.
  • Select “add file” or “add folder” in your from your PC drive, or simply drag the files or folders to your MobiMover window. If you have dragged files which are not supported by the iPad, this software will convert them to MP4 which is iPad friendly format.
  • Click “transfer” after selecting all the files. You can click “edit” if you are unsure of the files and want to change them.
  • Make sure of the list of files you need to transfer, check the list and uncheck any item you may not want to move, and then click “ok”.
  • Click “transfer” to begin the process, and then check the transferred files in your iPad.

Using cloud storage is another option of moving files, here are the steps.

  • You need to download the Dropbox app on both your PC and iPad. You can create an account which will enable you to have some free space.
  • Just copy the files that you need to transfer and paste them to Dropbox folder. Some larger files may need hours to get synced.
  • After the syncing is finished, you can check the Dropbox folder of your iPad to see the imported files.

Conversion through the mail is another option, which also requires space. The steps are like this:

  • Sign in with your mail id of Gmail, Yahoo, FireFox or Outlook.
  • Send the files that you need by attaching them to emails on your PC.
  • Open your account on iPad and you can watch the files on it.


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