How to unhide media secured by Vault Application

In this age of rampant invasion of privacy with corporate entities mining your data and selling it to advertisers, hackers conducting massive hacks to steal valuable data. One is forced to take matters into their own hands.

There is nothing we can do about those massive hackers or Facebook selling your data to advertisers who then bombard you with ads. But you can protect your personal data. This means your financial information, private photos etc.


One such application is the Vault-Hide App. It can protect everything from SMSes to photos and videos from prying eyes. Let’s face it not everything on your phone is meant to be shared with the whole world.

Some memories are too precious, some photos are too private. And there is nothing wrong with that. Having something you want to keep just to yourself is perfectly fine and nothing to be ashamed of.

But there is a definite learning curve when it comes to these apps. You might forget where a particular photo or folder is and lets face it there interface can trip even the savviest of users. So you hid something on your phone via vault app and now want to unhide it. Don’t worry we will help you out.

  • First Open the file manager.
  • Look for the folder where the media is likely to be stored. If you have hidden anything using Hide App then you will find the media in a particular folder in the file manager.
  • Open the folder and rename these file/s with •(dot) extension. For example, change a photo file name from wimsyjpg to wimsy.jpg. The photo is now visible to all.

So there you have it, anything hidden via the vault app will once again be open to all. You are once again reunited with your personal treasures. Cheers!


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