How to use Link2SD to Expand Internal Memory of Android Phone?

“Storage is full” no one likes it when their phone displays this on top when they are about to witness something capturable and let’s face the reality this is the present scenario with every other person – low internal memory or full internal memory.

While purchasing a phone hardly anyone remembers to face these consequences that what if one day at a beautiful wedding with my most prestigious outfit, I take out my phone for a picture with my crush and it says that it can’t click because I already filled it up with all my junk?


It hurts and that’s why there are a lot of solutions to cure the storage problem which one needs to study as well. Low internal memory can create potential problems like trouble installing apps and games, receiving messages and emails etc.

There are some temporary options to deal with the situation and they are clearing the history, root your device, move apps to the SD card or using some portion of SD card as a part of internal storage.

Link2SD is one of the excellent file managers for android it has n number of jaws dropping features which gives us total control over the interior in an android device and that too on any version in general on can officially find it on google play store.

This app is free and better and promises to move system apps to SD card and it works on the principle of conversion a part of SD card or the entire SD card into internal memory for an android phone. The process of which is as follows:

The Requirements:

  • Android phone
  • Root access to the phone, a rooted device is always a better option
  • SD card
  • Link2sd app
  • Aparted app
  • A strong internet access or connection
  • Backup of the SD card and internal memory

The Procedure is:

  1. The app definitely requires root level permission so make sure that your device is rooted beforehand.
  2. Backing up all your files makes it more secure and safe so that afterwards you are not crying over lost photos, videos and audios.
  3. The Aparted app you installed is used in this step as you have to open it and go to the recovery mode option and select ‘advanced’ and then choose ‘partition SD card’ this is all done go that you are able to use its second ext2/3/4 partition.
  4. Select format as fat32 and chose the size to keep for SD card storage then apply and proceed.
  5. Run the Link2SD app.
  6. Now using it for the internal storage select the format as ext2 after allocating the size apply the changes.
  7. Restart and run the Link2SD again.
  8. Go to the link2sd app and open settings and check out the ‘auto link’ option.
  9. You are all done.


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