Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU in Windows 10

Windows Modules Installer worker is a windows update service that looks for new updates and installs in your computer. Windows modules installer worker is a common error in windows machine especially on computers running on Windows 10.  There are methods to fix this error.

With the windows modules installer worker, it uses most of the CPU resources, so the processor works in full force. This generates a lot of heat, which in turn spins the fan at full speed.

Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU

Windows modules installer worker:

Windows Modules Installer worker is a tool built-in Windows OS to check for updates. This operating system updates itself and fixes bugs using this tool. Windows modules installer to do its job uses high disk usage process and runs in the background. Sometimes, it becomes unresponsive when checking for any updates or fixing bugs. And then, as a result, it may become very slow or completely unresponsive.

Fixing windows modules installer worker:

It is a common error if you just read up the following instructions carefully. You can solve the error by yourself.

Method 1:

Perform a clean reboot on the PC, restart all the system files. This will prevent any further problems. A clean reboot will get rid of all cookies and junk files on the computer. Now fix the windows modules problem by following steps;

  • Press the Windows button on the keyboard or click on the windows button
  • Enter msconfig.exe in search box
  • Click on MSConfig.exe after finding it
  • Check the normal startup button and click OK
  • Restart the PC for the changes to effect

After restarting the PC you would not see the error again. Another way called disk cleanup utility will remove the unnecessary files.

Method 2:

Change windows updates to ‘manual’

If you keep windows updates to ‘manual’ then updates won’t download automatically. Follow the steps:

  1. Press the Windows key and R simultaneously to access misc on windows 10 PC
  2. Enter windows modules installer worker in the search box and click the search icon.
  3. Click on windows module installer worker twice in rapid succession. Then select the manual option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open misc again and enter Windows update in the search box
  5. Click on windows update twice and choose the manual option again
  6. Press the Windows button again and click control panel
  7. In the control panel, click windows update
  8. Find change setting on the left side of the Windows update page
  9. Change it to ‘check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them’. Click ok

Method 3:

Disable Modules Installer

It is not recommended to disable windows modules because it is an important system file.  If you disable it, windows will not be able to process updates. Also, your system will be vulnerable to external threats.

However, you can stop updates to prevent the windows modules installer from launching. You will need to get a metered connection to stop the download of updates from the network connection. This will allow you to prevent the launch of the modules installer. But this is not the perfect method, as it will prevent antivirus software from updating. As a result, your PC will be susceptible to threats.

Method 4:

Delete SoftwareDistribution folder

Windows normally downloads and stores updates in the SoftwareDistribution folder for later installation.

Corrupted windows update files can also cause the windows modules installer worker high CPU usage error. It is because the downloaded files cannot install correctly.

Follow the following steps to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder:

  1. Press the Windows key and R simultaneously
  2. Type misc in search box
  3. Search for windows update and stop it. Otherwise, it might be difficult to remove the folder
  4. Go to C:\windows\, search for the folder and delete it
  5. Restart the PC and check for the windows update.

These are the most effective methods to fix the windows modules installer worker high CPU usage error. One of the methods will surely help to fix the error. If not, you will have to upgrade your computer’s system hardware.


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